Simple Cable TV Amplifier Circuit

This cable tv amplifier circuit is a rf amplifier designed to be quickly installed between two coaxial cables. Both input and output impedances are compatible with 75 Ω cables. The main amplifier si T1 transistor, T2 is working as an emitter follower. The feedback bias is determined by R3 and R4.
The total gain of this tv cable amplifier is 22dB.

Because of the high frequency limit of transistors (<= 2GHz) the tv amplifier works well up to 150 MHz. It must be housed in a metal case and the coaxial cables must de 75 Ω type. The total current consumption of this tv cable amplifier circuit is around 20mA.

Cable tv amplifier circuit schematic

cable tv amplifier circuit schematic

Tv amplifier active components

  • T1, T2 = 2SC4308 or 2SC1324


Tv cable amplifier pcb



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