3 band audio equalizer lm833 circuit schematic

LM833 3 Band Audio Equalizer

The main component of this 3 band graphic equalizer is LM833 produced by National Semiconductor. LM833 has a very low noise, and a band / amplifier of 15MHz and a rise speed of 7V/s. The cut points for low frequencies are 200 Hz and 2 Khz for high frequencies. Maximum attenuation is 16 dB. The total gain of this sound equalizer is 0 dB but can be changed by changing R2.

You may want to add one capacitor at A2 output because of the continous voltage variations once we trim the potentiometers.

3 Band Audio equalizer circuit diagram

3 band audio equalizer lm833 circuit schematic

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  • hamid

    Thank you for your perfect content.i will make small equlaizer for classic guitar but I have some problem that one of that is noise I cant make one with out noise.please help me and guide me.thank you again.good luck

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