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  • Ultrasonic Pest Repellers are used as substitute for Mosquito coils and liquids to avoid inhaling of toxic fumes. It is the non toxic way to repel pests like mosquitoes. This article describes the relationship between Ultrasound (US) and Insects.

    Ultrasonic Pest Repellers are used as substitute for Mosquito coils and liquids to avoid inhaling of toxic fumes. It is the non toxic way to repel pests like mosquitoes. As per scientific information and experimental evidences, the animals respond to US and avoid its presence. Small mammals like Dogs, Cats etc. responds to 22-25 kHz US and Rats to 60-72 kHz. Insects like Mosquitoes, Flies responds to 38-44 kHz.

    What is Ultrasound?

    The hearing property of human ear is limited. Human ear can perceive sound with in a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The sound frequency below 20 Hz is Infrasonic sound and above 20 kHz is Ultrasonic sound. Human ear is not sensitive to US because the eardrum cannot vibrate as fast as US. Ultrasound has high frequency, so the wave is very powerful. US travel along straight line even in the presence of obstacles. When the US hits an object, it bends and round and spread in all directions.

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    What is the relation between (US) Ultrasound and animals?

    Even though human ear cannot sense US, many animals can produce and hear US. Many insects, rodents, bats and small mammals communicate through US. Insects have sensory structures to produce and detect ultrasound. Cockroaches have “Sensory hairs” to sense US. Spiders, Wasps, Beetles, Flies etc have a “Tympanic membrane” to detect US. Fleas communicate using high frequency US . Male Mosquitoes produce US to attract females. Female mosquitoes have sensory structures to receive US. Spiders, lizards also have ability to sense US.

    How does US affect animals?

    The US sensors are present in the antennae of Mosquitoes and genetalia of Cockroaches. US emitted by the Repeller will scare away the pests and confuse them. Ultrasonic sound will create stress on the nervous system of insects and jam their own US frequency. This will immobilize the insects and they escape from the source of US.

    Does the US pass through walls?

    No. Ultrasound will not pass through walls like the ordinary sound waves. When the US hits an object,it bends and round the object and spreads.

    How does ultrasound repel pests?

    US pest chasers are designed to repel pests from the home. Rodents respond to US with a frequency around 60 kHz. Cats and Dogs can be repelled using 22-25 kHz. Insects like mosquitoes, House fly, Fleas etc responds to 38-44 kHz. US will create high pressure on the eardrum of Rats so that they move away from US source. US generally creates stress on animals, so they avoid ultrasound.

    How does Ultrasound repel Mosquitoes?

    Male mosquito is the natural enemy of female mosquito after breeding. Both male and female mosquitoes use plant juice as food. But female mosquito requires human blood protein for the maturation of their eggs. Male mosquitoes will not bite human beings. On the first day of emergence, the female mosquito will not bite but after mating with male it starts to bite human beings to get blood. Female mosquito will not allow males to mate again and they avoid the presence of males. Females detect the presence of males by sensing the US produced by the males. If an US generator is used, it will imitate male mosquito by producing 38 kHz US . This will repel Female mosquitoes. Moreover the US will create stress on the US sensillae present on the antenna of female mosquitoes, so the move away from the source of US .

    Is it safe for human beings?

    US Pest Repellers are widely used in Homes, Gardens, Farm yards etc. to repel various kinds of pests. Commercial US Pest Repellers are designed to emit US in the frequency range 20 kHz to 100 kHz. US above 20 kHz is inaudible to man but children can hear the US to a certain level up to 30 kHz. Many house hold appliances like Telephone, Computer, Vacuum cleaner etc emit US, but we cannot hear it because it is inaudible. US is considered as the safest method for scanning pregnancy. US scanning is widely used in hospitals. Echocardiogram also uses US to image the heart’s functions. As per the scientific information, US will not cause any health problems.

    What are the important aspects of ultrasound pest chasers?

    Most ultrasonic pest Repellers do not give better results due to one of the following reasons.

    • Power output of the Transducer. If the power output is low, pests will ignore the sound.
    • Direction and angle of sound. Usually ultrasound travels at an angle of 45 degree from the source. If there is an obstacle in the path, some of the sound waves will reflect and bend. This reduces the coverage area.
    • Response to animals. Usually small animals respond to US. These devices are used to repel pests from houses, farm yards, garden etc. The response depends on the number of pests in the population and the number of US waves reaching in their vicinity.
    • Some animals will ignore the US initially but later they avoid it. Some other animals, first show response and later learn to adjust with it.
    • Mosquito population is very large when compared to other animals. So the number of mosquitoes showing response is a matter of observation.

    Is there any safety recommendations?

    US is biologically safe to human beings as per scientific information. But US frequency close to 30 kHz can be sensed by children to a certain level. So it is recommended not to use such devices continuously near the children below 5 years.

    Response of Animals to Ultrasound

    • 22-25 kHz: Dogs, Cats
    • 38-44 kHz: Mosquitoes, Fleas, House Fly, Spiders, Cockroaches
    • 52-60 kHz: Lizards
    • 60-72 kHz: Rats
    attentionThe author D Mohankumar is not an active member anymore. Please take into consideration that the presented information might not be correct.
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    31 Responses to "Ultrasound and Insects"

    1. Very good piece of information. Why has it not been brought in use ?

    2. very good.. this is realy very intresting..

    3. Ultrasound has high frequency, so the wave is very powerful. <- This statement is not scientific. What does 'very powerful' mean? Lower frequencies are actually stronger and have better penetration through hard objects than higher frequencies.

    4. do any one knows a powerful hosehold LIZARD REPELLANT. i want to kill that species

      • Why do you want to kill lizards? They are so good for killing other insects!

      • so far lizards in my home in Thailand have blown up my TV, my air conditioner and my PC monitor, have messed all over everything and keep me awake at night with their persistent chirping. I hate them.


    6. Kindly let us know scientific research papers on ultrasound repels mosquito.Research data is required for use for this technique.


    7. anil kumar meena says: on October 1, 2013 at 12:20 am

      sir i want to purchase device who get rid lizard from
      my house

    8. I like to buy mosquesteo repeller where can I get it sir please inform me

    9. biggdruggy says: on July 13, 2014 at 4:10 pm

      the shits no good it just irritates mosquitoes even more the apple is called summer protection

    10. I want to by the mosquito killer.
      How can I?

    11. Michelle says: on July 15, 2014 at 11:20 am

      IWhy would you put this app on here saying it repells mosquitos when the US ONLY GOES UP TO 22 khz when it states above that it takes 38 khz- 44khz??????

    12. chow khetpa munglang says: on July 17, 2014 at 4:44 am

      Does it really work, i dn’t tink so coz tried it at my duty place where ders plenty of mosguito. still it sucks…..

    13. Lizard r kill the insects in our house so no need to kill them

      • lizards are normally good in catching the insects which are coming home but poor in choosing their hideout or resting place like inside some electrical gadget eg. a tv,tube-light fixtures etc. such hideout results in internal short ciruit creating the damage to the gadget and kill itself.

    14. Good job nice nice work good water best

    15. Lasila junior says: on August 10, 2014 at 11:11 pm

      So help for peaple living at tropical area like me. So good

    16. Your app information reads 38-44 kHz for mosquitoes, fleas, house fly, spiders n cockroaches. Yet your app highest sound is 22 khz. Plus I can hear it, And guess what, I’m not an insect. LoL!

    17. Jim Keith Jim Keith says: on August 14, 2014 at 2:17 pm

      Even if the frequency is above the range of human ears, the loud noise may be detrimental to hearing. One experience that I have had sitting in front of old CRT monitors was a “ringing in my ears,” and it continued long after I left that location. So ultrasonics may be hazardous to your health…

    18. Gyandeep says: on August 18, 2014 at 5:15 pm

      According to your information for repelling of mosquito it must be above 33 khz. But your app has max just 22 khz..

    19. Do you have any idea on how to kill scale insects? do they also have a certain frequency range that can interfere/kill them?

    20. how to kill german roaches says: on September 7, 2014 at 2:51 am

      Rooaches are usually searchig for a straightforward meal plus they will feed to the meals in a
      vedry fridge and will also benefit from the bits of foodxs
      still left onn dirty dishes. Traps ccan aldo be sed as it is helpful in catching
      roaches byy attracting them and then trapping them by adhesive.
      Thhe etymological origins of the word exterminate are
      found in the Latin word “exterminare,” which literally means to drive out, expel.

    21. Robert Leslie says: on September 21, 2014 at 5:50 am

      andRoaches own New Orleans, where I live, but using diatomaceous earth (found at garden and pool supply stores) and sticky strips keeps them under control even though they constantly find their way in. As to ultra sound..Well roaches survive radiation from atomic blasts, quickly become immune to poisons like boric acid and begin eating it for breakfast, so..they must be one of those insects mentioned that get used to ultrasound and simple ignore it. :-(

    22. Chandra Sheker says: on March 22, 2015 at 6:56 pm

      Can some one suggest me where to purchase an Ultrosonic Mosquito repellent in Bangalore,India?

    23. Chandra Sheker says: on March 22, 2015 at 7:00 pm

      I invite to partner with person having knowhow to manufacture ultrasonic Mosquito Repellents. You are requested to contact me,

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