Remote Tester Circuit

A simple Remote tester to check all types of Remote hand sets.

This simple remote tester can be a good tool to check whether a remote hand set is working or not. It uses the commonly available IR sensor TSOP 1738.The IR sensor has a PIN photodiode and an FET signal amplifier enclosed in an Epoxy case.

The sensor requires five volts for its operation and its output is active low. Normally its output gives + 5 volts and goes down to zero when it receives 38 KHz pulsed IR rays. When the remote handset is focused on to the sensor and any one button is pressed, buzzer beeps and LED blinks indicating that the handset is OK.

Remote Tester Circuit Diagram



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  • Wolney

    Many people would ask why I have used photo ttiasnsrors and not modulated IR receivers like TSOP1738 etc. The reason is that the TSOP series sensors were designed for data transfer, mainly from hand held remote control to devices like TV’s or DVD players. So following points were kept in mind while designing TSOP sensors. Maximum range (So that remote could be easily operated in big rooms), since these have long range you cannot assume that only the rays that are directly incident on the Rx are the only rays reaching it, rays bounced from walls also reach the sensor. So actually their are more than one path from the Tx to Rx. This makes door entry detection impossible because if the person entering the room cuts one path, the ray would reach from the alternate path! As you can see this situation is actually good for a TV remote (for which TSOPs were designed) but not for our application.

  • breakthedawn

    R1 is shortened in this diagram. I don’t see a sense in R1

    • Patricia

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  • breakthedawn

    I guess many TSOPs get blown up due to a design flaw in this circuit. The battery is directly connected to the andoe of the LED and the cathode of the LED is connected to PIN 3 of TSOP. When a signal receives, TSOP switches it’s internal transistor to GND. But without a resistor in the LED path the current is only limited by the internal resistance of the power supply which is normally very low. Maximum current through this transistor is 5 mA.

  • Sakshi

    i have used TSOP 1238 and its not working…. if possible can anyone show the connections on gpb

  • breakthedawn

    Battery voltage in this circuit is 6V which is the maximum limit of the TSOP which isn’t a good idea. Slightly above 6V and ur TSOP can get damaged or even blow up.
    Better use 5 Volts

  • breakthedawn

    You can use your cellphone camera or any other camera. It shows the IR Light (LED on) when remote control is working. Hold the IR-LED of the remote control in front of the camera and press the buttons of ur rc

  • hamza el bouti

    it’s working for me but , The Led is allwase off , can any one tel me whay ??

    • breakthedawn

      Maybe u have to turn LED connectors. Long connector is normally anode, the flat side is cathode.
      Maybe TSOP is blown up. See comment below.

  • Meshkat

    Nice one. Working fine.

  • Heena

    What is correct of above two comments ? Circuit working or not working ? Should I buy parts or it will go waste

  • chidanand

    thanks for the circuit…working fine

    • Mawaddah

      this is not Door Entry Detection, this should be meintoned as door pass by detection. if it is entry detection means, any detecting methods are used particularly for entering alone ? no, it can also alert, if someone else is leaving out. so its simply a pass by detector and not an entry detector.