earthquake detector schematic

Earthquake Detector Circuit

Here is an ultra sensitive earthquake detector circuit that can sense seismic vibrations.
It can be used to detect vibrations in the Earth. So it is an ideal device to monitor entry passages. The circuit exploits the direct piezo electric property of the piezo element used in buzzers.

The Lead Zirconate crystals present in the piezoelement can readily store current and can release the current when the orientations of the crystals are disturbed through mechanical vibrations. IC1 amplifies the signals from the piezo element and the high output from IC1 switches on T1. When T1 conducts, trigger pin 2 of the monostable (IC2) will grounded to give 3 minutes high output.

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This high output is used to sound alarm and to light LED. VR adjusts the sensitivity of piezo element. Glue the fine side of the piezo element on the floor (if used as an entry alarm) or inside a metal box (if used to bury in soil to detect earth borne vibrations).

Earthquake Detector Schematic

earthquake detector schematic

earthquake detector circuit schematic


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  • thana

    sir, when i simulate the circuit, i have getting the output in buzzer as 0V. when see graph the trigger became DC (direct current). actually there must be AC (alternatif current). so how to set the trigger to became AC from DC. plz help me sir. and please send the details of the circuit diagram

  • Dashrath

    i am going to do a mini project in seismic sensor,plz give me a circuit diagram for this and also give me a brief explanation with working of the ckt diagram & explanation the working & ckt diagram of every component .

  • rupesh

    sir can u send me the layout of this mini project ….plz

  • manju


    please give me circuit diagram for earth quake detetor and please sir explane the circuit diagrame.

  • vinoth

    respected sir,
    we have planned to do a mini project regarding seismic sensor .i request u give the circuit diagram and working of it .

  • anitha

    respected sir,
    please explain the working and operation of this seismic sensor and pcb layout.I’m going to take this is as my mini project.plz reply as soon as possible

  • snehalatha

    please explain the working of seismic sensor and pcb layout.i’m going to take this is as my mini it will be helpful to. me

  • erna

    I am actually doing this sensor for my final year project. Unfortunately, my lecturer wants me to interface this circuit with another dc motor circuit. Is it possible sir? And can u send me the pcb layout for this circuit sir? tq.

  • praveen

    will u please send me the breaf details about the sesmic sensors.if you can , it helps for my project.

  • snehal

    plz give me the pcb layout of seismic sensor and also its construction and working