earthquake detector schematic

Earthquake Detector Circuit

Here is an ultra sensitive earthquake detector circuit that can sense seismic vibrations.
It can be used to detect vibrations in the Earth. So it is an ideal device to monitor entry passages. The circuit exploits the direct piezo electric property of the piezo element used in buzzers.

The Lead Zirconate crystals present in the piezoelement can readily store current and can release the current when the orientations of the crystals are disturbed through mechanical vibrations. IC1 amplifies the signals from the piezo element and the high output from IC1 switches on T1. When T1 conducts, trigger pin 2 of the monostable (IC2) will grounded to give 3 minutes high output.

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This high output is used to sound alarm and to light LED. VR adjusts the sensitivity of piezo element. Glue the fine side of the piezo element on the floor (if used as an entry alarm) or inside a metal box (if used to bury in soil to detect earth borne vibrations).

Earthquake Detector Schematic

earthquake detector schematic

earthquake detector circuit schematic


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  • chamu

    sir please explain about output in this project

  • sai ram

    okka mukka ardamavuthe ottu bhayya

  • Jagdish Patil

    Respected Sir, Please tell me which piezoelectric transducer is used in earthquake detection project. It is available in market, please tell me?

  • RAjveer

    Very simple techniques for the detection of the earth quake in a transparent glass take the water and mix blue or green colour when the earth quake start the colour of water is white simultaneously


    PLz,Can any tell me the complete working of this earthquake circuit… it is working?i am waiting your answers…..

  • praneeth

    thanks to the publisher but i wish there could have been some more detailed explanation about the circuit.Trust me this project really works…….

  • William Hoff

    the reader might do well to consider how the piezo unit is arranged in an automotive alarm vibration sensor. it’s no more than the usual piezo buzzer disk with one end fixed and a weight attached to the other. you can probably obtain these as throwaways at the local automotive alarm installation store.

  • aman

    sir please let me know what kind of piezo element should i use and instead of piezoelement can i use some other sensor which is easily available in the market coz i am not gettin the piezo element in the market….sir please let me know for the alternative which can ne used to run the project

  • yow08

    hi sir,
    is this circuit working fine??
    i tried it in multisim,but its not working.
    what could be the problem sir???

    • Sharon

      hi, do you know what kind of piezoelectric element can be used here if I want to measure low g earthquakes(less than 2 on the Richter scale)?

    • Popescu Marian

      The author of this project is not active here anymore so we cannot guarantee it works. But looking over it I think it should work. The critical component is the piezoelectric element and its location. Basically there are some small vibrations happening before the explosive movements of the actual earthquake and those are sensed by the detector.

  • angaja

    can u please give some more details

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