220V LED Circuit Schematic

AC Powered 220V Led Circuit

This is the simple version of a white LED lamp that can be directly powered from mains.
It can give ample light even for reading purpose. Capacitor Cx along with diodes D1 through D4 forms the AC step down circuit. Cx reduces high voltage AC from mains to a low voltage AC which is rectified by the bridge diode.

Capacitor C1 removes ripples from AC so that low voltage DC is available to power the LEDs. Cx is the X rated AC capacitor that reduces AC voltage through capacitive rectance property. Resistor R1 is very important to remove the stored voltage from Cx when power is switched off. This prevents lethal shock.
Resistor R2 limits the inrush current.

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220V LED Circuit Schematic

220V LED Circuit Schematic

More LEDs can be added by reducing the value of R2.Since the circuit is directly connected to mains, take utmost care to avoid shock. No components should be touched when it is connected to mains.


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  • Ashish Kumar Shuvedi

    Good evening sir my question is how can i make a LED board (for example decoretors are use for decoration) ? Please show me its cuircit digram and campoment. THANK YOU SIR.

  • Daniel

    With the 472K (4700p +/-10%) capacitor shown on the diagram, don’t expect much light, if any, as it is way out of specs.

    I read few comments and I have to admit that I’m disappointed and scared.

    I’m disappointed because there are way too many people that instead of commenting or asking questions about the actual circuit, they will ask that we send them specs for this, diagram for that, diagrams for their own projects, etc… For god sake, take some time and search on the internet instead of waiting for someone to do the research for you. Stop being so lazy !!

    I’m also really scared to see that people with very limited electronic knowledge, are even considering to play with circuits involving main voltages. Not having the capacitors handy, someone decided to omit them and only use the resistors, but he was questioning then why the resistors were heating up. Are these people allowed to vote or drive a car ?

    Cancer isn’t the only reason why people die !

  • sunil maurya

    I have little knowledge in electronics.
    But I am very much interested.Will you advise , how to make a serial LED bulb using 50 or 100 bulbs used for illumination purpose, input 220-230 volts AC
    Can you please send me a 230v. AC white/clear led circuit.

  • Rajesh

    I have 225 k 400v capacitor. if I glow 1 white led then which value resistor put in R2. if I glow more led with serial how to measure R2 value? if parallel connection with 6 led how to measure R2 value?

  • sunil G

    Respected sir.
    I have little knowledge in electronics.will you advise how to make a serial set LED bulb using for illumination purpose input voltage 220v to 240v AC.

  • Savaliya vishal

    Sir i required 12w, 24w led bulb ckt diagram .so you please send this bulb ckt diagram

  • Harsh M

    Dear Mr. Mohan Kumar,

    You have mentioned a current of 50ma. I assume this is for 3mm LED’s. What values of components would I have to modify in this circuit if I am to use 5 x 1Watt LED’s (They run at 3.3V ~350ma)?

    Please reply earliest.
    Thanks & regards.

  • bj

    How will you know the current consumption of the unit and how many watts will the unit with 4 leds produce?

  • anil malik

    Sir I want to prepare a power led circuit of 5 nos 3.5v, 350ma iwant to know how to calculate the value of capacitor cx, which connects in input across a resistor , and how to step down the voltage level in this types of circuits

  • anil malik

    Hello sir,
    I want To prepare a led circuit using 5 No’s power led 3.5v, 350ma from 230v ac, I want to know how to calculate the value of capacitor CX which is connected in input across a resistance & how it works, how to step down the voltage level in this this types of circuit

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