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    This is the simple version of a white LED lamp that can be directly powered from mains.
    It can give ample light even for reading purpose. Capacitor Cx along with diodes D1 through D4 forms the AC step down circuit. Cx reduces high voltage AC from mains to a low voltage AC which is rectified by the bridge diode.

    Capacitor C1 removes ripples from AC so that low voltage DC is available to power the LEDs. Cx is the X rated AC capacitor that reduces AC voltage through capacitive rectance property. Resistor R1 is very important to remove the stored voltage from Cx when power is switched off. This prevents lethal shock.
    Resistor R2 limits the inrush current.

    220V LED Circuit Schematic

    220V LED Circuit Schematic

    More LEDs can be added by reducing the value of R2.Since the circuit is directly connected to mains, take utmost care to avoid shock. No components should be touched when it is connected to mains.

    attentionThe author D Mohankumar is not an active member anymore. Please take into consideration that the presented information might not be correct.
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    198 Responses to "AC Powered 220V Led Circuit"

    1. A Metal oxide varistor SHOULD be used to protect the circuit from HV spikes..it has become mandatory and can be seen in all power supplies that works off directly from mains.

    2. Good suggestion. Adding an MOV will protect the circuit from spikes

      • james.obillo@yahoo.com says: on August 15, 2011 at 3:14 pm

        kindly send me the list of this circuit
        value of diodes,capacitor and everything
        God bless
        more power

      • m.a.varghese says: on February 24, 2012 at 7:54 am

        I have little knowledge in electronics.
        But I am very much interested.

        Will you advise , how to make a serial LED bulb using 50 or 100 bulbs used for illumination purpose, input 220-230 volts AC

      • kbdprasadrao@gmail.com says: on June 21, 2012 at 7:13 am

        Dear Sir,

        I do have the save query, Please provide your inputs.

        K B D Prasad Rao

      • Raghu Rao says: on December 11, 2011 at 8:45 pm


        I have very limited knowledge in electronics. I am looking for an inexpensive dimmable LED driver to drive 2 (two or multiples of 2 in parallel) LEDs in series. The input voltage is 120V AC. Each LED = 50mA, 48V.

        I would appreciate your kind assistance.

        Thank you in Advance.

      • Sir what circuit i require for 25 to 50 white led’s

      • Faizan Hamayun says: on February 10, 2012 at 1:28 pm

        HI Sir;
        I want to drive 7-10pcs of 3watt LED’s.Each LED voltage is 3.5-3.8V and current 700mA.Can it is possible to drive them with main 220Vac?

      • Mohammed Faiyazuddin says: on April 15, 2012 at 5:31 pm

        Mr Mohan Kumar I wanted to know How can use 50 LED at 220V or How many DC LED can I use at 220V.Pl send me the circuit.

        and doing very good tkz.

      • anirvan K says: on July 20, 2012 at 8:29 pm

        Hi! Mr mohan kumar,
        Please tell me how to calculate the value of R2 and also how to find out the volatage accross C1 is 25V as you have connected a 25V capacitor?

      • Dear Sir

        I need to design the circuit for a single LED (3.2V, 80mA) and my space for the circuit is very less. Please advice.

      • Please mention where to place the MOV & its specifications.

      • sir ..

        Please help me with making of automatic street light circuit (in simple)…..

        i need to aprx. 15W of CFL light….

        day time auto OFF and night time auto ON

      • Tapan Roy says: on December 6, 2013 at 12:30 pm

        MOV is used parralel connection in input of AC mains.

      • jatin kumar says: on May 27, 2014 at 12:39 am

        Led m resitance kis base m lagate h matlb ki 1 ya isase adhik led lagani h to sercuit kis base p banate h mughe isaki knowledge chahiye plz aap meri imail id pr send kre ya mughe guid kte

      • zameer ahmad says: on March 4, 2015 at 2:14 pm

        plz told me how i connect the auto street light circuit for 220v ac

      • shanavas says: on May 2, 2015 at 9:14 pm

        can u snd circuit diagram of 10w 12v single led powered 230v ac.i tried many circuite but not getting actual brightness.

      • sir
        I have 225 k 400v capacitor. if I glow 1 white led then which value resistor put in R2. if I glow more led with serial how to measure R2 value? if parallel connection with 6 led how to measure R2 value?

      • Respected sir,
        I have little knowledge in electronic, I am a diploma electrical engg. So i want to know, how you are calculating resistor values, capacitor values, zener diode values(MOV), diode values used for rectifier for led circuit. i want to know basic calculation behind logic of circuit design and why the above components used.
        kindly send me the list of this circuit
        value of diodes,capacitor and everything
        Tukuna Muni

    3. NISHANTH CHENNAPPA says: on May 25, 2010 at 7:30 am

      sir what do metal oxide varistor mean…

    4. MOV is a device that protects circuits from inrush current and mains transients. It is connected across the Phase and Neutral after the safety fuse. If the mains voltage increases above the rated value of MOV, it conducts and short out the fuse

    5. Correction :A MOV is not used to protect against inrush current…NTC is used in such applications.

      • Use of MOV’s:
        Apparently some disagreement on the exact purpose or function.
        Here the inrush current is already allowed for with an appropriate resistor.
        A fuse should probably be shown but I assume it’s perhaps not shown to keep the schematic simple.
        If the MOV conducts at a voltage peak which would not blow the fuse, it seems it would protect the fuse but in the process might itself fail.
        How is this any better than carefully selecting a fast blow fuse which can be easily accessed for replacement?

    6. Nelson Lamahewa says: on June 20, 2010 at 5:19 pm

      Dear Mr Mohan Kumar,
      I will be thankful to you if you kindly publish a fence charger circuit diagram with transformer details.
      input should be 12 v dc
      output should be more than 5kv

    7. I will post a Fence charger circuit at the earliest

      • sir D.Mohankumar i made microcontroller based AMF/ATS for my house use..when main goes off the amf module tries to self the geneerator and transfer the switch load to active supply…i was using 220v to 12v transformer to detect the main and generator supplies… and resistor divider circuit to more step down for my adc….sir i want to replace transformers with the capacitors and diode circuit….sir please help me with this circuit…….to design the 220v ac to 2.2 v dc convertor using capacitor and diodes …..

      • one thing i forget to mentioned…..at the end this circuit im using PC817 optocoupler….its led takes 10mA

      • iam trying to start astartup in electronics. we r trying to lounch a new LED bulb,will you help us

    8. Need your help to understand the circuit diagram if i were to choose the same to be deployed on a 12 V DC line. I am wanting to avoid using the Invertor and hence reduce the power loss.

    9. Give your requirements

      • I wish to draw power directly of my 12V 150Ah inverter battery bypassing the inverter. I also wish to understand if i need any additional circuit to draw power from the battery. (PS: The inverter is connected the battery and is responsible for charging the battery and monitoring it.) Also suggest if i need to use a fuse while drawing power directly from the battery.

      • Mohankumar, Request your expert advice…

      • Aniruddh says: on June 14, 2012 at 8:08 am

        pls use a circuit comprising of comparators in order to protect the battery from deep discharge.

      • sir (Mohan)

        PLEASE , Can u send me 12v DC 1 to 5 second Dealy circuit ,,,

      • Tapan Roy says: on December 6, 2013 at 12:35 pm

        Kindly send me 16 w led bulb circuit operated by 230v ac and which LED will be used. give me in details.

      • Sagar Anand says: on November 4, 2015 at 7:20 am

        Pl give a circuit of 30 led and value of resistance to increase bulb

    10. Nelson Lamahewa says: on July 24, 2010 at 6:18 pm

      regarding about my early request of electric fence charger circuit with transformer details, as you told i did not receive it yet. please send it to me as soon as posible

      • D.Mohankumar says: on July 30, 2010 at 7:29 pm

        If you give your mail ID, I will send the circuit. Posting of Electric fence circuit is difficult since in some places electric fensing is strictly under supervision of power supply agencies

      • Dear sir
        PLEASE , Can u send me 230 acv led circuit

      • Hannes Scheepers says: on May 16, 2012 at 3:41 pm

        Can you please send me a 230v. AC white/clear led circuit.

      • Hadi Hussain says: on September 28, 2013 at 6:25 am

        Dear sir, please send me the electric fence charger circuit with transformer details as discussed with Nelson Lamahewa. I require it to protect a boundary wall.
        Is this circuit is the same as pulse generator works in fencing systems.
        My email id is hadihh5(at)yahoo.com

      • svs Iyer says: on October 4, 2014 at 5:14 pm

        Dear Sir,
        I wish to make a controller for brushless DC motor. The detail are : DC-48V,250W,100 to 200 rpm, control required ON/OFf, Reversible. Please let me know if I need furnish any more information. I would preferably like using discrete components.
        Any help is most welcome.

      • prashant patel says: on April 16, 2015 at 9:46 pm

        Dear sir
        i want to make 3w,5w,8w,12w,15w led lamps. so please suggest best circuit for it which get maximum power factor. recently we use diode bridge, ac pf, capacitor 22uf/250volts but we get too lower pf values. so plz suggest best circuit which is possible.
        Prashant patel

    11. dear sir,
      sir i want to lit 25 ultra bright leds one led need 3.6 v maximum
      sir can u plz help me

    12. dear sir,
      sir i want to lit 25 ultra bright leds one led need 3.6 v maximum
      sir can u plz help me
      my e mail address is noumannayyer@yahoo.com

    13. Dear Mr.Mohan Kumar,
      I am very much impressed by this circuit. I want to know, if there is any formula for for R2 to add more number of LEDs to the circuit. I want to add in multiples of 4 to the circuit. Can your circuit be used for PIC Microcontrollers circuit by adding 7805 and filters? Please suggest modifications. (BTW I am hobbyist and novice)
      Thank you

      • D.Mohankumar says: on October 18, 2010 at 4:41 pm

        Dear Mr.Subramanian

        The voltage and current in the circuit depends on the AC capacitor used.Each ordinary White LED requires 3.6 volts and 40 mA current to give sufficient brightness.By increasing the value of CX to 0.1 uF, the voltage can be increased to 50 volts and current around 100mA.Add LEDs based on this. You may see the High power LED lamp circuit posted.R2 reduces the inrush current. LED resistor should not exceed 470 Ohms if the current is around 50 mA.

    14. Dear Mr.Mohan Kumar,
      Instead of using bulk transformer, this circuit is very cute. I have a small 4 uf capacitor. What is the maximum current that can be derived out of it? and what are the modifications to connect maximum number of LEDs?

      • D.Mohankumar says: on November 8, 2010 at 3:58 pm

        Is it AC capacitor rated 400/600 volts AC?. As a rule each 1 UF can give 100 mA current. This is only theoretical. Current may change depending on the AC input,Rectance of the capacitor etc.If your capacitor is x rated AC type, definitely it can give more than 300 mA current. Maximum voltage from the capacitor will be around 50-70 volts depending on the AC input. Each White LED requires minimum 3 volts and maximum 3.6 volts. So 60 volts / 3 = 20 if all are serially arranged.Use 1k 1 watt resistor as R2

    15. Dear Mr.Mohan Kumar,
      It is 4 uf 400/600 volts rated, used for AC fan motor.
      If it gives 300 mA can it be used for every circuit that requires around this rating, including relays? Can I use this for other circuits with Microcontrollers adding 7805 to produce 5v.
      Thank you,

    16. Dear Mr.Mohan Kumar,
      I connected the circuit very carefully without soldering. I used 4uf capacitor(CX) 400/600 volts rating, 1m 1W (R1), D1-D4 IN4007, 1k 2watt (I have 2w only not 1W) (R2) and 100uf 63v (not 25V) (C1). I connected to the main for checking, without connecting any LED. The voltage across was 67 to 70 volts. Very soon I got burning smell and I disconnected the main. All the components except CX capacior and R1, are very hot. D1-D4 are hot. But R2 was very very hot likewise C1 also. I think R2 and C1 would start buring if I continued for sometime. The output is around 70v. Should I use C1 with more voltage rating? Then what about R2? Why it is also very hot? OR If I connect the load – LEDs – then will it be OK? Please help.
      Thank you

    17. Dear Subramanian

      Your problem is with the AC capacitors.It is giving high current.As a rule each 1uF will pass 100 mA current. So 100×4 = 400 mA. With out the load, there is no current drain.So components may heat up.Connect 1K 1 watt resistor as load in the place of LED and check whether it is heating. Check only after disconnecting the power.You can use an ordinary Red LED as load with 1K series resistor.All the resistor values must be above 1 watt.Use 1K resistor as R2.Keep the circuit ON for 10 minutes.If everything is ok connect White LED.

    18. dear sir,
      i am using x-rated 0.33 cap and at output i have two smd led of different colour @20mA .so what value of current limiting resistor i use, which is good for led also mention wattage rating.plz reply soon…….sir.

      • D.Mohankumar says: on November 24, 2010 at 1:58 pm

        0.33uF cap passes around 25 mA current and 18 volts depending on the AC input voltage.You can select the resistor using the formula V/I.That is if the cap passes 18 volts then 18 / 0.02A = 900 ohms.You can use 1K resistor .Use 1/2 watt resistor.It is better to try with an ordinary red LED first.If there is no problem, connect the SMD LED each with 1K series resistor.

    19. sir,
      can i replace each component (like 1M ;1/4W bleeder resistor,1n4007 diode for bridge rectifier,current limiting resistor except x-rated .22/.33;400V cap) with SMD component.i use smd led @20mA of different colour,so what value of cap i use.

    20. Dear Mohan Kumar,
      I have connected a red LED in series with 1k 2watt and switched on the mains. The red LED glowed brightly. Within 2-3 minutes I smelt the burning smell and I switched off the mains. R2 and C1 are very, very hot and D1-D2-D3-D4 and also the series 1K 2Watts resistor are also hot. Why it is happening and what should I do next?

      • D.Mohankumar says: on November 29, 2010 at 1:14 pm

        Dear N.Subramanian

        Something is wrong in the circuit. Either a short circuit or the Capacitor is shorted.Replace the cap and confirm that it is 400 V AC.Check all the connections once again. Usually, the Cap will not heat up and this is the advantage over resistor type power supply.So many similar circuits are posted in the site.Search for the same.

    21. can i use 474k 400v capasitor for this purpose?

    22. Dear Mohan Kumar;

      May I know the value of R2 & CX for 60 white LED’s


      • D.Mohankumar says: on December 16, 2010 at 4:44 pm

        Dear DS Upananda

        Each White LED requires 3 volts.You can connect the 3 LEDs in one set with 100 Ohms resistor.As a rule for each 1uF ,the capacitor gives 80-100 mA current depending on the input AC voltage.So for CX use 1uF 400 V cap. R2 can be 470 Ohms 1 Watt.LED strings should be 3-4 in one set. So if you have 60 LEDs, then 60/4 = 15 strings with 15 series resistors. I uF cap can give around 25-40 volts.

      • sparta85 says: on June 15, 2013 at 4:00 pm

        dear Mr Mohan Kumar

        I have circuited led lamp with 60 leds, I made it in 3 string. each string has 20 leds , I use A 105j . as you said, if I make the circuit to 3 string it will deliver for about 23ma each string,

        Sir., How much watt (power) my circuit is? and how do I calculate for some circuit if I make with different number of leds?

        as you know,,I’m Realy beginer to electronics

    23. dear mohan kumar,
      how we can make a led lamp of white led’s . please give the circuit diagram & parts list

    24. how we can male a led lamp of 60 nos of white led’s please give th circuit diagram& partlist

      • p.s.shanmugasundaram says: on February 1, 2012 at 7:03 pm

        how we can male a led lamp of 60 nos of white led’s please give th circuit diagram& partlist

    25. If I want to use only one piece ordinary 5mm white led, what will the value of R1 &R2 and Cx?

    26. Dear Mr.Mohan Kumar,
      I am very impressed by your practical electronics knowledge,
      i tried this circuit, but with some amendment, i did’nt used C1 & CX, circuit is working fine, only problem is that R1 & R2 got heatup. is there any solution for this problem?
      please reply on my email. thanks. …….saleem

    27. please google on this circuit and u ll get the purpose of each component each one is important dont try to tamper as it may cause shock or explosion.
      Cx is current limiting not r1
      R1 is discharging C1

    28. Dear Mr Mohan Kumar,
      i want to glow the 100 numbers of white led for reading purpose,so pls give tha details about circuits and MOV ratings and approx cost

      • Sir..
        how to connect 100 LED lights in series connection on 230 v ac current…
        plz give me the circuit diagram

    29. Kaushik Mondal says: on May 23, 2011 at 1:19 pm

      Dr. Mr. Mohan Kumar,
      When I switch on the circuit the lights up for a milli second then it turn off and remain off and when I switch off the circuit the leds again lights up for a milli second and then turn off. Please solve the problem.

    30. Greetings sir,
      sir i want to know,
      1) how to calculate the value of R1?
      2) if i shall remove R2, would circuit work or not and how to calculate the value of R2?
      3) If circuit is braked at D1,D3 output and D2,D4 output then what will be the voltage at these points?

    31. Marcia da Joana Josimar says: on August 16, 2011 at 11:53 pm

      prwsiso de um esquema de ledes para iluminar um painel publicitario

    32. Hi Mohan
      I was just checking for a LED indicator to fix it on the main switch board and I got this circuit. As I was novice in electronics, could you please inform the power consumption by this LED light if it kept ON 24 hrs, 365 days. Also please have a look on the circuit in this page: http://www.turbokeu.com/myprojects/acled.htm. will you please explain, how yours is better than this OR which is very simpler for a novice.
      Best Regards
      R Kannan

    33. how to connect LED’S to 220v Ac supply ..how many LED require…and circuit design

    34. sir,
      How to connect 1 watt LED to mains 230v.Pls provide the circuit

    35. Dear Mohan Kumar: May I know the value of R2 & CX for 46 white LED’s 2 strings. Thanks before

    36. dear mohan kumar sir thankyou very much for this post

    37. Sir,
      Thanks for this good LED circuit.
      I note that in the diagram posted the main capacitor is not properly labelled.
      You show it as CX = 472K, 400V.
      I think you mean: CX = 470nF, min rated 400VDC or 275VAC rated.
      Also I wonder if there is a way to reduce the power loss across the 470Ohm resistor?
      Could a 400V MOV be used here instead of.
      BTW your electric fence circuit has not been posted as yet.
      If time permits could you send to:
      peter_rob.remove this.@bigpond.com

    38. dear sir
      i want to build a led serial light. i want around 25 led’s to be connected in series. and am using 220v ac mains. what should be the resistor value that i must connect at the positive end?

    39. I am looking to possibility of supplying from a 220V 5 KVA to a LED powered street light, what are the protection precaution I should look into. Moreover, if the voltage level falls to around 170V does the LED operate. Also, what are the addition specification I need to add before procuring LED to ensure it operates on low voltage of around 170V too. Looking forward for suggestions. Thank you!

    40. Dear sir,
      I want to build a ciruit for output of 3.3v 2.5amps without transformer.(or) pls send me to the 230v Hi power LED (7watt) circuit to my mail ID.

    41. Hi, i have used the same circuit and the parts but my capacitor started bleeding and the leds are no more glowing. Please help me with this.

    42. mr.d mohankumar sir.
      i want circuit for 100,150 and 200 LED for 220-250v 50hz main supply.
      can u plz sent me circuit details& its components.to my mail

    43. hello sir..

      plz tell us how to calculate values of x rated ac capacitors….

    44. Hi D.Mohankumar,
      I was very interested in this circuit, and Wanted to make 25 LED(2.8V, 20mA) at 220V, 50Hz table lamp, but with no success…
      Maybe you could provide some help with the circuit?

    45. Can I use 75 White LED in series after rectifing?

    46. Thks I saw the circuit it hv ac LED Too.
      Acutaly I wanted to know How can use 75 (DC) LED in series at 220V or How many DC LED can I use at 220V.Pl send me the circuit.

    47. Dear Mr.D.Mohankumar
      I wrote U again.
      Ur Circuit is Ok.
      I had two circuits I mix up them.

    48. Respected sir,
      please guide me for mini project based on communication using photodector ic LMC6084 and ADC ADC034.please reply as soon as possible.

      Thanking You.

      Best regard

    49. Mr.Sivanan
      What is NTC

    50. dear
      mohan kumar sir,

      above u shown circuit is for glow up 4 leds how can we increase the
      values of r1,r2,cx(cx is the ceramic capacitor iam right r wrong)and c1
      for multiple of leds to be added pls tell me and for all how to
      calculate all this things to improve knowledge in electronics
      circuits.give with some example for this thing. iam waiting for ur reply.
      thanking you sir

    51. Sir, Pls send me cx value for driving 4 1w led’s

    52. Dear sir,
      I need one circuit of 220v input I want to drive 1 watt three and five led. kindly send the circuit diagram to mail please. I dont have electronic knowledge so please send exactly the component. Thanks in advance.

    53. sir r u there pl s reply so many of them waiting for u r use ful projects

    54. Dear sir,
      what is the power consumption of this circuit in watts if 30 white LED’s are used. thanks in advance.

    55. If anyone wants to make a lamp with 30 Led’s then you can visit this link http://www.instructables.com/community/LED-TubelightLamp-operating-with-220-volts-AC/

    56. Capacitor cx should be rated 400v?250v ok?

      • Mohinder Pal says: on May 1, 2012 at 11:12 am

        You have always have to be on safer side You can use 240 V capasitor also but it might get heated up in use and a more voltage cappacitor can store more current as AC voltage is never stable a less voltage capasitor will simply blow off

    57. Is it necessary to use bridge rectifire? LED are themselves diodes. I’ve seen a commercial night lamp in which diodes have not been used.

    58. dear sir,
      i think is it necessary to use dc output for 9 v laser alarm circuit instead of led? if it is not necessary pls send circuit ofinput230v and varying 0 to 20v dc output,without transformer.i am waiting for your reply.

    59. I have working with electricals & electronics for about 35 Years and as shown in the figure you have made a bridge rectifire the name LED is derived fromlight emitting diode so why do you need a bridgerectifire for a conversin I have tried to make a LED light about ten years ago from now and was quite success full. I just multiplied the voltage of the LED to make it half the ammount of AC availableas when AC conevrted to DC it remains only half and connectet them in series being careful that they have opposit polarities connected and simly connected them to mains and it worked.

    60. can 3.6v led run with 6v and less amps?I got china led 230v and it says it uses chip 5630 16 leds.when i checked voltages it was 6v .0656A per chip but in data sheets its 3.6v 150mA max?? serch ebay for 230v 5630 you can find the bulb.Will it get burnt?shall i return it?

      thanks in advance

    61. Sir, can I use this ckt to charge 12v 45 hm battery?

    62. rir,can you please send me cricuit dig,procedure and appratus for making led lamp having 20-25 led bulbs connected
      to main power supply

    63. Vineet Khanduri says: on June 27, 2012 at 5:45 pm


      I have a fish tank and wanted to build something on my own! There are ample of LED fixtures available but I want to light that Aquarium using the LED light built by me .. Can you please help with the 50 or any equivalent circuit and components please? Will prefer white LEDS!

    64. We can use 1watt led x 4pc in this circuit ?
      please tell me


    65. With the above circuit <5mA current will flow through LEDs, hence can be a night light. For rated brightness Cx should be 274K 400volts.

    66. Hi Babu 1 watt LEDs require 350mA. for 4 pcs 1 watt LEDs use suitable driver module and connect all the 4 LEDs in series. (13.2 volts DC @ 350mA)

      • Hi Seetharaman 1 watt led connecting only series connection ? why not parallel connection. If I’m trying to parallel connection any probzs in this circuit.
        One think I would like connect to 1 watt 10 leds for this circuit ,Then which is the AC capacitor value ,and 100uf 25v is enough for this circuit?
        Thanks My Dear friend

    67. what alteration should be done in this circuit to add 60 leds.
      whether i should remove R2 or i should change the value of c1 /c2

    68. how many leds can give same light as 40watt

    69. I have been investigating home-brewed LED solutions whose power source is ultimately 120V house line. The “typical” approach is to use a driver circuit to generate constant-current DC. I understand that LED’s life-expectancy requires that the power-source be constant-current DC. So, does a circuit like this severely reduce the life-expectancy of the LEDs? If not, it is certainly an attractive alternative to the very expensive off-the-shelf options, and understandably so, for its simplicity. One would guess that line-supply off-the-shelf options would exist; perhaps it’s hard to UL-list such?

    70. Hi,

      I am planning to built an Electric lanthern using 100 white LED bulbs which can be used as an emergancy lamp in my house using rechargeable battery through AC Power.

      Can anybody guide me how can we prepare itand the material required.

      thanks in advance



    72. Greetings Sir!
      I’m a student planning to have a project in LED Lights. I’m planning to have one circuit of 220v input driving 10 watt led. kindly send the circuit diagram to mail please. my background in electronics knowledge isn’t that much, I’m asking for your help, please send exactly the component. Thanks in advance.

    73. 1.How to calculate the value of resistor required to control inrush current

      2.What changes to made to operate a single ordinary 20mA White LED ?

    74. can i use this power supply ckt to drive my microcontroller ckt if i connect 5.1v zener diode in place of led’s i will have 5vdc o/p to drive my 89c2051 along with 6 leds and 6 optocouplers….. I require 60 mA of current at th emax can u suggest me the solution

    75. Check out this version of the capacitor power supply:

      Be sure to be careful as there is serious shock hazard as it is tied to the line–make sure that neutral line measures low voltage to ground (earth)–that will minimize shock hazard–but if it is ever plugged into a miswired power source, beware…

    76. Pls tell me the resistance for 220v AC for 1 LED

    77. What resistance should be connected to 3V LED if i want to connect it to 220V mains..??

      • Jim Keith says: on August 30, 2012 at 8:23 pm

        Since the source voltage is much greater than the load voltage, it makes little difference if one LED is used vs four in series. So, no additional resistor is required in series with the LED.

        This is essentially a constant current circuit with Cx being the limiting device.

      • Prashant nayak says: on February 10, 2014 at 12:35 pm

        200k resistance in 1 led

    78. Mr.Khumar,
      Kindly send me also the materials list for this circuit.
      dont forget to give the values of the resistors, capacitors, diodes etc.
      thanks again…

    79. Dear my friend,
      Very much appreciate if you could send me the list of items that you have used to create this circuit.
      Such as value of diodes, capacitors and resistors.
      Thank you very much
      Gamika Sandamal

    80. What should I do if I want to connect around 30 LEDs instead of 10? Please help?

    81. Sir, the only thing I am confused about is the AC Capacitor you are speaking of. What is that? What is the value?

    82. Sir,
      I have little knowledge in electronics.
      But I am very much interested.

      Will you advise , how to make a LED bulb using 50 bulbs(each led 3.5 to 3.8w power), input 220-230 volts AC.

    83. Sir,
      I have little knowledge in electronics.
      But I am very much interested.

      Will you advise , how to make a LED bulb using 50 leds(normal white led), input 220-230 volts AC.Kindly send me the circuit diagram.

    84. How we calculate the value of “R1 & CX”.,also when we use more led then how calculate vale of “R2”.

    85. sujit bhattacharya says: on November 4, 2012 at 1:48 pm

      sir ,i am used 100 L E D six color series connection direct main 230 V supply,PL HELP ME. FULL ELECTRONIC DRAWING ,I AM HANDICAP PERSON,URGENT MAIL ANSWER

    86. Hi, Thanks for good circuit, I would like to use 3*1W LEDs so I need approx 900ma at output. Can you please suggest necessary changes in values?.

      Srinivas D

    87. Do you have a circuit diagram for a 230V AC powered low cost 12W LED house light bulb(with 3V, 20mA LED’s) with high brightness ?

    88. Dear sir,how do i to connect 100 LED’S bulb 360 degrees use for my house with 220v Ac supply Please can i have circuit diagram?

    89. sir can I replace C1 with 2.2uF 350V ?

    90. and can I use 470uF 100V instead of C1?
      If I use what will be the difference?

    91. Sir,
      can you kindly advice me how to connect the MOV in the above circuit ?
      Thanks a ton in advance.

    92. and the value of MOV required..

    93. Dear Sir
      I am trying to make a led bulb with 50 leds to be used at 220v with three different intensity levels.
      How can i do that?

    94. jatin prajapati says: on August 9, 2013 at 7:21 am

      i have 12v/1w led. make series to 240v 20led series

      from circuit diagramme

    95. we can glow a led using a diode,resistor and led in series with a supply of 220v ac.why bridge circuits so complicated…………..?

    96. HELLO,

    97. hello,
      can we increase the number of LEDs to 6o? if the answer is no, what changes do we have to make? thank u

    98. sir this a really good circuit more useful

    99. Sir just a small question
      can i use 73 white l.e.d in series , so as to complete 73*3=219 volts , which is delivered by AC
      PLz Plz plz Reply sir
      thnxxxxxxxxxxx a lot if replied……

    100. Dear Sir,
      Your circuit is fantastic.But I have a doubt. Shall we use 1 amp 4007? I have changed R2 upto 100 ohms. But the output voltage remains at 40-45 volts. What shall I do? Please reply
      Dr Babu

    101. Sir I connect 225k capacitor series with my multimeter and check the output voltage, but I saw something against my expectation. That is the voltage varies from max 230 to 0. In my expectation it must be nearly 25v. But when I put 1M resistor parallel with capacitor the output willbe nearlly 118 volt. I get the same range for some other values of capacitor. Is it correct, pls rply.

    102. sir, how much voltage to illuminate the 4 series LED.. i test this diagram but the LED didn’t work.. the voltage i get from the led was 4 volts. i also put fuse does it affects the circuit thats why its not working?

    103. Dear Sir,
      I am srilankan and I want to build a 220V ac operated door bell circuit without a transformer. I would like a short music of UM 66 tune. I think you can build it correctly and safety way. Dear sir please tell me kindly how can I build it. Lot of thanks for you.
      Yours truly,

    104. I made a 1kW 220v “direct drive” led lamp from 10 pcs 100w 10×10 led-arrays in series plus a rectifier (four diodes) and a capacitor. The leds seem to divide the 320v DC evenly. Near 100000 lumens….

    105. To drive a single 1w led using 400v1uf how we can select r1 value

    106. Dear Sir,
      I didn’t understand one thing. As fer I know C1
      474K can supply 12v 25 mA
      105K can supply 24V 40 mA
      225k can supply 24v 100mA
      I got that from http://www.electroschematics.com/5678/capacitor-power-supply/)So how could it possible lightning 20 led in series that have 20×3.2=64v needed??
      On the other hand I got another same circuit in this site (http://www.electroschematics.com/3752/transformer-less-power-supply/) is 12v 100mA.
      Please sir explain it to me.

    107. Sir, I am in need for a circuit of 1.5A, 230V ac to 3.5A, 18.5V dc rectifier. Please kindly provide it to me to my mail.

    108. Dear,could u plz send me circuit diagram of white or any other color LED light in series[ 60 to 100 lights] using 220 V A/C, hence I am machenical Engr I dont much knowledge in electronic.Kindly help me.

    109. Sir,
      I want to drive 400 Blue + White leds (10 mm Size)on 230 Volt AC
      please let mi know what will be circuit with component values and how to make led strings. 40 led in each alphabet and total 10 alphabets

    110. Dear Mr. Mohan

      Kindly send me the simple circuit diagram for 3.2 volt, 250ma high power LED 7 in series.

    111. ir,
      I have little knowledge in electronics.
      But I am very much interested.Will you advise , how to make a serial LED bulb using 60 bulbs used for illumination purpose, input 220-230 volts AC

    112. Dear Mohan

      I request you about high power led’s … is this circuit is working fine with these LED’s??????

    113. i have not good knoweledge in electronic
      sir please help me
      i have made i aquarium in my house i want to decorate with 60 or 70 LED with AC power how to connect with AC power please help me…


    114. sir, plz help me,
      I need to design the circuit for a 3 smd led light(3.6-3.7v) to connect ddirectly to 220 ac power..and my space for the circuit is very less. Please advice me.

      and i ask to you which conductor used in red indicator on power broad.thank you

      plz send me immediate ans. becoz i need for my project.thank you…

    115. whats the c1 capacitor value and is it possible to practically.may connect 20 leds

    116. sir please send me 4v simple battery charging circuit

    117. Sir, I brought 25 super bright LED bulb, Which become faulty after 2 days. In this circuit Cx = 1 uf, R1 = 470K and C1 = 68 uf/100V. This circuit not provide R2 resistance but provide one resistance in parrlel to C1 is 470K ohms and one more resistance in series of 25 LEDs is 47 ohms. Please mail me eaxect circit for best operation.

    118. hi.. i’ve try the scheme above, but using c 474j 400v. because i could’t find the c 472k 400v. my led was dead one by one. thx.

    119. the above scheme is how much dc volt and how much current in Ma?

    120. I think.. the capacitor value in that scheme is wrong. the right is 474k.

    121. Sir,

      I am a beginner in electronics, i want to glow 80 LED’s in series with AC power.

      Please help me with a circuit & the values of the components.

      Awaiting for your response

      • prashant says: on August 6, 2014 at 2:46 pm

        hey kiran only you need a resistance of 150k value with every one led and connect with 240AC this will surely work

    122. Hi Prashanth,

      Thank you for the comments and solution.

      How shall i connect? is it in series or parallel or series & parallel?

      Also i am a just starter, if you could help me with diagram and resister wattage. it would be great help. please….

    123. Dear sir,
      I am very impress by this 4 led circuit…but I want to built 15w, 28w led lamp…how can I make circuit? Please help me sir….

    124. Dear Sir,

      I’m referring your post. Can you kindly provide a circuit diagram for 10w Led to main AC please.

      I hope you wont deny my my kind request. thanks in advance


    125. Hi,

      Do you have a version of a blinker that supports 2 output lines (rated 220volts). That is the input is 220V and will provide blinker functionality of 2 lines rated 220V output.

      thanks a lot.

    126. Dear sir,i want to make transfer less smps which is ac 230& dc o/p 24v 1.5 to 2 amp so pls help m & send m it’s circuit diagram. Thank u

    127. Dear Sir,

      I want a bi-colour LED flasher circuit (single bi-colour LED) working in 230V AC. Please sent this circuit diagram to my above email address.

      Thank you.

    128. sir can you show me 100 led in series connection may light in 240v ac current using capaciter,resistence and diodes

    129. poti pune 50 si 50 leduri ca in schema
      uite pui 50+50 exact ca in schema

    130. puterea totala este de 14w.eu am realizat becuri cu 124 leduri,si functioneaza foarte bine

    131. dear sir i want to know that how to find value of cx and R2 ?

    132. Hi
      I want to know how I can connect MULTIPLE GROUPS of leds in a single circuit having AC SUPPLY.

      Each group would have 4 or 5 leds of SINGLE COLOUR/wavelength

      could you please send me the circuit diagram for this? (If it is absolutely necessary, assume 7 groups of leds)

      (I would appreciate it if you could mention each components specifications as I am a school student)

    133. pastreaza partea de alimentare ca in schema de mai sus,leaga cate 5 leduri in serie,si la fiecare grup poti pune o rezistenta de 560 ohm 1/2w.se pot lega maxim 9 grupuri

    134. Dear Sir,
      I am the student of D.A.E.. Sir I want to light 20 leds, 200v AC input…Can it possible ?? If yes plz answer me…

    135. Dear sir,

      After testing the circuit i want to know the power consumption at different sections. please tell me the total power consumption, power loss at resistors and at leds.
      I have also confusion for capacitor specification(cx= 472k/400) as described in the circuit diagram. what does it describes ?
      I have 125j 400v capacitor how do i know the capacitance value and can i use for the above circuit.
      I am wonder to know the reducing voltage from 230v to required value without using resistor or transformer. how does this circuit works ? please guide me.

      waiting for your responce………


      • dear sir,
        which circuit will consume least power ?

        1, using capacitor for reducing voltage for LED (as shown in the ckt. by you.)
        2, using transformer for step down voltage from 230v.
        3, using resistor for reducing voltage for LED.

        I want best option that consume least power loss and save electricity.
        plz plz plz give answer as much as possible.


    136. I am also interested with Govind to know about power consumption in component and total power consumption.
      I want to know how does the circuit works.

    137. Hello sir,
      I want To prepare a led circuit using 5 No’s power led 3.5v, 350ma from 230v ac, I want to know how to calculate the value of capacitor CX which is connected in input across a resistance & how it works, how to step down the voltage level in this this types of circuit

    138. Sir I want to prepare a power led circuit of 5 nos 3.5v, 350ma iwant to know how to calculate the value of capacitor cx, which connects in input across a resistor , and how to step down the voltage level in this types of circuits

    139. How will you know the current consumption of the unit and how many watts will the unit with 4 leds produce?

    140. Dear Mr. Mohan Kumar,

      You have mentioned a current of 50ma. I assume this is for 3mm LED’s. What values of components would I have to modify in this circuit if I am to use 5 x 1Watt LED’s (They run at 3.3V ~350ma)?

      Please reply earliest.
      Thanks & regards.

    141. Savaliya vishal says: on May 30, 2015 at 3:02 pm

      Sir i required 12w, 24w led bulb ckt diagram .so you please send this bulb ckt diagram

    142. Respected sir.
      I have little knowledge in electronics.will you advise how to make a serial set LED bulb using for illumination purpose input voltage 220v to 240v AC.

    143. sir
      I have 225 k 400v capacitor. if I glow 1 white led then which value resistor put in R2. if I glow more led with serial how to measure R2 value? if parallel connection with 6 led how to measure R2 value?

    144. Sir,
      I have little knowledge in electronics.
      But I am very much interested.Will you advise , how to make a serial LED bulb using 50 or 100 bulbs used for illumination purpose, input 220-230 volts AC
      Can you please send me a 230v. AC white/clear led circuit.

    145. With the 472K (4700p +/-10%) capacitor shown on the diagram, don’t expect much light, if any, as it is way out of specs.

      I read few comments and I have to admit that I’m disappointed and scared.

      I’m disappointed because there are way too many people that instead of commenting or asking questions about the actual circuit, they will ask that we send them specs for this, diagram for that, diagrams for their own projects, etc… For god sake, take some time and search on the internet instead of waiting for someone to do the research for you. Stop being so lazy !!

      I’m also really scared to see that people with very limited electronic knowledge, are even considering to play with circuits involving main voltages. Not having the capacitors handy, someone decided to omit them and only use the resistors, but he was questioning then why the resistors were heating up. Are these people allowed to vote or drive a car ?

      Cancer isn’t the only reason why people die !

    146. Ashish Kumar Shuvedi says: on January 25, 2016 at 9:00 pm

      Good evening sir my question is how can i make a LED board (for example decoretors are use for decoration) ? Please show me its cuircit digram and campoment. THANK YOU SIR.

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