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    This electronic mice repellent emit high frequency sound waves to create an acoustically hostile environment that effectively repels rodents from protected areas. Sound is inaudible to people and non-rodent pets. It is ideal for environments were the use of poisons is inadvisable or prohibited.

    It is known that a mice can hear ultrasonic sound frequencies between 30 KHz and 50 Khz and this electronic repellent circuit is pretty loud for his ears and it will chase him away (hopefully). Beware mice, rat or mouse! :)

    Schematic of the Mice Repellent Circuit

    mice repellent circuit schematic

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    8 Responses to "Electronic Mice Repellent Circuit"

    1. Dear Sir,

      We are interested to procure chemicals, insecticides, pesticides, equipments etc. suitable for pests and rodents control for Aircraft Barrier System made of Nylon.
      The above must be suitable to control and repell rodents especially porcupines and wild mice.

      As you may have judged, these products will be used primarily at airports. Please send us detailed technical literature, know how of your products alongwith price. Waiting anxiously for your soon reply.

      Best Regards,
      Muhammad Hanif Rajput
      Rayvet International
      287-Q Model Town Ext. Lahore, Pakistan
      Phone: 0092-42-5833312, 5880883
      Direct: 0092-333-4211435

      • wana ask you, do you still want this product???
        i’m going work on and test this circuit, if it is working well, i would like to give it to you.


    2. I want to ask if this circuit is really working or not?

    3. Qualcuno ha montato questo circuito? Grazie

    4. Could you explain in detail how this circuit works please?
      (need to know for college)

    5. Hey, if you could email me Electronic Mice Repellent Printed Circuit Layout mehdi0791 @ yahoo. Com

    6. AVM Tilak Dissanayake says: on January 17, 2016 at 2:45 pm

      The circuit has a problam as Vss of CD4013 is pin 7.The IC and power TR of piezo amp got heated up and when I trouble shoot I found the mistake and then isolated pin 10 and 8 and connected pin 7 to Vss but sequence stooped after some time. Hence connected the pin 8 and 10 via low value cap and it worked.

      Now the problem is which frequency is applicable to monkeys?which is my target. My dog slept soundly though I varied the pots showing either it is deaf ( I think so, as it does not respond until we shout) but then other dogs too did nothing. Normally all howl when the hear the music of bakery food court’s sound.But that is audible sound. This is supposed to be ultrasonic??
      Can anyone help me get this working to drive the Monkeys away?

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