car antenna amplifier circuit schematic

Car Antenna Amplifier Circuit

This car antenna amplifier can be used up to 70 MHz and is specially designed to boost the weak signals captured by the car antenna.
It has a high input impedance and a low noise figure.

The total gain of the car antenna amplifier is around 30 dB and the input impedance at 30 Mhz is around 10 KΩ. The amplifier must be mounted directly at the base of the antenna to avoid signal losses caused by the capacitive character of the coaxial cable.

This antenna amp must be used for non-mobile recievers. If you intend to install this circuit in you outdoor mounted antenna, make sure that is housed in a water proof case. Use this car antenna amp circuit only for receiver antennas. Transmitting through it will damage the components.

Car Antenna Amp Circuit Diagram

car antenna amplifier circuit schematic

Antenna Amplifier PCB Layout

car antenna amp pcb layout


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