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    this message might be for you!

    This is a diy simple stun gun circuit showned only for learning!
    In No Way Do I Recommend Building these Stun-Guns or the actual use of them for any purpose what so-ever.

    Do-it-yourself Stun Gun Schematic

    stun gun circuit schematic

    We will present more stun gun schematics but in no way we recommend you to build it, I Assume NO LIALIBITY for any resulting actions of those persons who build or use any of these devices! This stun gun delivers 50.000 Volts and produces high voltage pulses discrupting muscles and nervous system, leaving anyone who touches it in a state of menthal confusion.

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    25 Responses to "DIY Stun Gun Circuit"

    1. Hello, I come from Indonesia. I am searching any schematic diagram’s of any gun, but I find this schematic. Can You send to my email, another schematic of variuos gun and sample part? Than’ks

    2. Any Bomb designs?

    3. can i ask for your permission?if you don’t mind, can i barrow you bomb design?if it’s okay for you…..if it’s okay Mr. Cain Shaw kindly send its schematic diagram into my email address…thank you! i’ll appreciate your consideration….

    4. is this diagrams tested? is it works?

      “bhinneka tunggal ika”

    5. Wow!! I just tested out this schematic, I added with a few adjustments, and it worked really well! I replaced the 4005’s with 4007’s, and the 3906 with a 3904.. Used a transformer like described!! Make one, it’s funny to play with.. Just be careful!! Could easyli cause death!

      • Im sorry man but the mode 60-282-0 has not got the power to drive this circuit by far. It is somthing stupid like 1:3 ratio It just has not got the power to drive this, however the circuit is sound it would work with a lot better T1. And even then this is a weak SG it most definatly wont kill you. If you used an XGenR4 Pulse Trigger Transformer for your T2 it might be half decent a stun gun.

    6. i m student of BE in electronics i want this circuit all detail for my project please send me this fast as you can

    7. i m student of BE in electrical i want this circuit all detail for my project please send me this fast as you can

    8. Hello,
      It is interesting!
      But I would like to get a complete circuit diagram of a miniaturized stun gun(of the size of a small coin or so),non-lethal type,but can cause confusion for a while,using chip/ic working on 1.5 or 3 volts button cells.
      It is purely for safety.

    9. Can someone please list the required internal parts
      Needed to complete a working stun gun ?

      • You would have to buy the main two transformers thats the hardest part. You can get the XGenR4 Pulse Trigger Transformer on ebay and I am certain if you contact the seller he will set you up with a powerful T1 also.

    10. hello:
      i m student i want to know more details for this project .would you send me thank you

    11. I made one but made some mods and tested it on myself and put myself on the floor. Shock ay the word

    12. if anybody has 1000000v stun gun’s scematic diagram and list of components for it so plz send me on this email ad, its needed urgently…. :)

    13. High Voltage Circuits are FUN To Play with,,,Me Like!!!!

    14. Hi,I’m glad I finally found some not-so-expensive stun gun design,I wonder if u could send me detail on booster ckt so I can finish buildingmy stun gun.tnx.

    15. plez give m e a method to make a high power stund gun with pictures &diagram. you can send me email.

    16. Omid Kalantari says: on June 29, 2014 at 9:31 pm

      I want to make this schematic.
      can you say the watt of resistors use in your circuit?
      and say voltage of capacitors in this circuit pleas.
      and pleas say the DIAC number.

    17. I am searching schematic diagram stun gun Power 200 .

    18. I had made thos its working watch it…

    19. I’d very much appreciate a simple and workable schematic of stun gun,pls kindly do me d favoure. Through my e-mail.my regards

    20. *uncle sam snr says: on April 17, 2015 at 7:00 pm

      *pls.kindly grant my humble request.I’d been a mariner(electrical)for years,now in my small but fine workshop on my own,I need simple circuits including inverters to keep me floying,very important,you know I have to do some new things to move on pls.

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