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    A very simple and cheap tv antenna amplifier circuit built with BF961 a N–Channel Dual Gate MOS common transistor used for input and mixer stages especially for FM- and VHF TV-tuners up to 300 MHz.

    L1 = L2 = 5turns / 0.8mm Ø / 5mm Ø / the second turn from ground.
    This tv antenna amplifier can be used even as an fm receiver amplifier because it has a wideband amplification, so if you don’t use it for the tv set you can receive your favorite radio stations in better conditions.

    TV Antenna Amp Circuit Diagram

    tv antenna amplifier circuit diagram

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    23 Responses to "TV Antenna Amplifier Circuit"


      • Hi Hossein,did you built the above project? Care to share some video or pic of the project?I need to see the outcome before doing this project.Thanks

    2. Can use for UHF?

    3. i’m searching for communication project….
      any one know any good web site????

    4. Can you please make your schmatic diagram very bold and clear.thanks i really love this site

    5. Is this work?? Or its just a waste of time? kindly reply me on my email add: rocknjulius@yahoo.com.. thanks guys..

    6. give more description about L1 and L2

    7. what is the input wattage and db.gain

    8. I really ned to join your company andf be part of you.plewase accept me. i hopoe to hear from you soon.

    9. l1 1 uH
      L2 150uH

    10. U VCC 12V

    11. Musa Shuaibu Opaluwa says: on June 28, 2011 at 8:27 am

      Please, how do I identify the gates of the MOS? I’m trying to embark on it, help me out please.

    12. Albert Palacio says: on August 8, 2011 at 5:21 pm

      can you post a pictorial diagram on your TV antenna AMP tnx


      • This circuit is subject to failure from electrostatic discharge. A lightning strike that sometimes accompanies rain could easily do this, and it does not even have to a close hit.

        Perhaps anti-parallel diodes (1N4148) connected gate to ground would offer protection. That would add 4pf each for a total of 8pf. Using (4) diodes in series parallel would drop this shunt capacitance to 4pf. The 6-25pf trimmer would need readjustment to compensate for the added capacitance.

    14. where is the materials list of this schematic diaram so i can built one.

      • dim dumb dom says: on September 8, 2014 at 6:11 pm

        the materials are specified in the schematics, and the 2 air coils [L1,L2] are specified in the notes just above it. If you can not deduce what parts you need from that, then are you sure you are capable of putting it together?

    15. may I ask what is the minimum input(db)it can amplify and output gain(db) of this TV antenna booster?

    16. Hey man, we’re all dirt poor here or we’d’ve just bought 1 of them aerial boosters in the shops! Aint no way we’re gona have a dual gate mos transistor (¿!!) just lying around in salvage! Peasants need designs what use regular poxy stuff from front end of old tvs & vcrs. I’m just sayin. Luv+kisses,MB

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