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  • A very simple audio compressor built with SSM2165 IC. There is no much explication about this compressor circuit schematic, just pay attention at capacitors voltage. The C8 value depends of your desired frequency amplification. Mount 7805 on a heatsink if you use higher voltages.

    Audio compressor circuit components

    R1 = R3 = 50K potentiometer
    R2 = 25K
    C1 = C3 = 100nF
    C2 = C4 =C7 = 10uF
    C5 = 100uF
    C6 = 470uF
    C8 = 2.2uF … 100uF
    IC = SSM2165

    Audio compressor circuit schematic

    ssm2165 audio compressor circuit schematic

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    3 Responses to "Audio Compressor Circuit with SSM2165"

    1. bonjour
      sorry for my verry bad english i’m french
      make a comment for this schematic
      what is used R2 trim in 6 pin ?

    2. 50k

    3. Ronald Anthony Arjune says: on January 21, 2015 at 11:24 pm

      These chips are very expensive on ebay ($5+). Can I get them cheaper elsewehere. Audio microphone compressors cost a lot on-line($1000). I want to build my own audio mic compressor.

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