crystal quartz oscillator circuit diagram

DIY Crystal Oscillator Circuit

A very simple DIY crystal oscillator circuit which use a quartz for frequency stability and a good rf transistor. Use a 2-nd or 3-rd harmonic crystal, for example if you want 100MHz use a 50MHz or 33.3 MHz quartz or if you want use a 4-th harmonic crystal but the output rf voltage will be lower. The L coil has 5 turns 0.8mm Ø, 6mm Ø, 1 mm step, output at first turn from voltage plus. Use C4 for fine frequency adjustments.

For a great frequency stability, this crystal oscillator circuit must use a good varicap diode (you can use BB139) and a good crystal too.

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DIY crystal oscillator circuit components

R1 = 5.6K
R2 = 3.3K
R3 = 560Ω
R4 = 33Ω
R5 = 10K
R6 = 100K
C1 = C2 = 1nF
C3 = 10 … 33pF
C4 = 10 – 60pF trimmer
C5 = 22pF
C6 = 120pF
C7 = 100nF
D = BB139
T = BF199
Q = QUARTZ CRYSTAL 2-nd, 3-rd or 4-th harmonic

Do-it-yourself Crystal Oscillator Circuit Schematic

diy crystal oscillator circuit diagram


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