SVC Filter Design Program

SVC filter is a program designed to expedite the design and analysis of lowpass (and highpass) filters with nearest 5% component values. SVCfilter is 32-bit Windows® electrical filter design software nicely written to help the radio amateur, technician or engineer design and analyze lumped-element lowpass and highpass filters.

SVCfilter features

  • Cutoff frequency is entered in the usual text box and can be from audio through UHF.
  • Cutoff frequency can be as low as 0.1 Hz, allowing the value of .159155 [ i.e., 1/(2*PI) ] to be used.
  • The graphic output draws the schematic of the filter you have designed, and also plots the responses of that filter (both transmission and reflection). It selects the nearest 5% values for the capacitors and shows those values as well as the exact values and overlays the response plots for the nearest values on top of the original exact-value plot.
  • Tuning buttons allow stepping the cutoff frequency up or down in 1% steps and immediately seeing the new performance of the redesigned filter on the plot.
  • Place the cursor anywhere on the plot and see the transmission, reflection, VSWR and envelope delay values for that frequency.
  • Click on the “Write Elsie File” button to write a file to drive Elsie the filter design and analysis program for followup filter examination in even greater detail.
  • Click on the “Write Spice schematic” button to write a file to drive the LTspice simulator.

SVC Filter screenshots

Download SVCfilter from HERE

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