digital sinewave oscillator circuit schematic

Digital Sinewave Oscillator/Generator

The digital sine wave generator (oscillator) circuit has the advantage that only few components are needed to generate signals with high amplitude constants and variable within a very wide range of frequencies. The circuit shown here generates a sinewave signal. Other signal forms can also be generated by changing the values of R1…R8.

After the power supply is connected to the circuit, the combination R9/C1 generates a short reset-pulse and all outputs if the 4015B are set to logic 0. The oscillator is controlled by an external clock. The frequency of the sinewave is 1/8 of the clock frequency. The highest frequency of CMOS ICs is 7 MHz, therefore a sine wave signal of 500 kHz maximum can be generated.

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Schematic of the Sine Wave Generator Circuit

digital sine wave generator circuit schematic

A 555 clock generator can be used to drive the register IC. A square wave signal with the same pulse width and frequency comes out from Din pin of the 4015B. It can be used as a trigger signal for an oscilloscope.


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  • PG

    This circuit generates an 8-segment approximation of a sine wave. That is, the output wave will be a stepwise function, interpolating a sine wave. Therefore, the power spectrum of the output wave will be rather rich of harmonics at frequencies 2xf, 3xf, 4xf … and so on, where f= fclock/8.
    if your specific application does not require a perfect power spectrum of signal, this circuit is ok (very simple).

  • LazyWog

    Loveme artical please do all my corse work for me and homework B4 i get put out of skool. please contact immediately

  • Art

    How can a 4015B operate with a 7MHz clock with a 3V supply?


    If all it generates is 1/8 of that of the clock, and can only take 7hz, it can not be used for inverter then. I expect it to be adjusted for the purpose of producing 50HTZ for inverter construction. How can it be use to generate 50HTZ please?

  • raja

    i want pure sinewave oscillator for sinewave inverter purpose please send me

  • Ashok

    Can you tell me how to generate sinewave in 10MHz range for calibration purpose?

  • yidnekachew

    can I use this ckt to generate a 2KHz or 50KHz frequency
    please respond

  • Tom Hollings

    I am interested in building the digital sine wave generator (to give me a 400 cps sine wave), but am puzzled by the apparent contradiction. If the sine wave generated is 1/8 of the clock pulse frequency, and the max clock pulse F is 7meg, how can the maximum output F be 500meg?