duplex communication circuit schematic

Audio Duplex Communication Link Circuit

You need two of this circuits to create a duplex communication.
Duplex circuit adjustment: connect those 2 circuits thru a cable and inject a sinusoidal signal at 1KHz and 5Vef voltage into one circuit, the others circuit input must be shortcircuited. Adjust P1 for a minimum value at K2, then increase signal frequency to 10kHz and adjust C5 for a minimum value on K2.
Repeat this operation for the other circuit.

Audio duplex circuit schematic

duplex communication circuit schematic

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  • B S Murty

    As a circuit, it is excellent in design. We shall test it and if it works well, it substitutes for a hybrid transformer.
    If anyone has made and tested it, I request that the Return loss be measured; we shall be thankful for the information. We do it when we test.
    B S Murty.