jet aircraft sound generator circuit schematic

Jet Aircraft Engine Sound Generator Circuit

This is a simple sound generator to produce jet engine aircraft sounds and it will run on any battery voltage between 3v and 40v.
The circuit will produce 4 sounds : low speed sound of aircraft, high speed sound of aircraft, missile and machine gun. They are activated by connecting pins 12, 13, 14 or 15 to ground respectively. recorder 2 sound files whilst testing the unit the first file is each of the four sounds in order and were recorded with a fixed 430k resistance between pins 10 and 11.
The second file is the low speed sound with manually changed resistor to increase then decrease the engine speed.

Sound Generator circuit schematic

jet aircraft sound generator circuit schematic


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  • patrickbergin

    Does anyone know who makes the HT2844P chip….Google could not find….perhaps a replacement is available that has been tested? ricky

  • patrickbergin

    you need to update this jet engine sound generator…the HT2844P is obsolete and no one seems to be indicating a replacement. Whjo decides when a chip is no longer available…Some one out their has to have a replacement that has been tested, come on guys lets work together and find a replacement,..Thanks Patrick

  • Vince

    I did some simple research ( and i think that you may be able to use the substitution part HT2813D it seems to have the apropriate properties and pinnout. the datasheet comes with a viraiety of circuits that all make different sounds but i didn’t see a jet engine in there (try HT2812 it has airplanes and rockets) the fun of it is trying to make it work 🙂 Although… it did not say weather or not these parts are still circulating…

  • stephen

    I want to make this fore my heli what chip should i use instead of ht2844p
    regards steve uk

  • admin

    @ Heinz – do you know any replacement for HT2844P ?

  • Heinz

    This chip HT2844P not made anymore.

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