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    This audio compander circuit schematic is equiped with NE575 produced by Signetics, it is working with a 3 – 7V battery and has a current consumption of 3.5mA at 3V and 5mA at 7V. The companding process ( input compression, output as expander) is improving the signal/noise ratio on a communication line.

    NE575 contains 2 ic’s , pins 1 to 9 works as expander and the 11 to 19 pins can work as expander or compressor or automatic load control ( ALC ).
    NE575 has a a high input sensitivity, the maximum input level is 1.5Vef. This compander covers a frequency domain from 20Hz to 20KHz, the total distorsions are below 1% and the signal/noise ratio is 80dB.

    Compander circuit schematic

    audio compander schematic

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    2 Responses to "Audio Compander Circuit"


    2. what other IC can use in replace of NE575 which PROTEUS or MULTISIM has?

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