Simple LED Circuit

Some LED circuits explained examples from various projects: flashing LEDs, 220V LEDs and more.
We start by showing you the LED circuit in series with a resistor. You must make some calculations to figure out the resistor value, depending on voltage power supply, LED voltage drop and desired current.

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Series LED circuit

(Source Voltage – LED Voltage Drop) / Amps = OHMs
Amps = mA/1000

Source Voltage = 9 volts
Voltage Drop = 3.1 volts typical for a blue or white LED
Desired Current = 13 milliamps

So the resistor we need is: (9 – 3.1) / ( 13 / 1000 ) = 452 ohms so we will use a 470 Ω resistor.

220 volt LED circuit

Caution: Do not try this circuit unless you have good knowledge about electronic devices. This circuit is connected to main power source (220V) and can give you a high electrical shock

We use one capacitor, a zener diode, a resistor and the LED.
The capacitors value depend on LED current. With a 100 nF capacitor, the LED current is 4 mA; at 470 nF the current is 20 mA.

220v led

Some LED flasher circuits


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  • Mg Khant Zaw Phyoe

    Very nice.It is very useful for me.

  • sunil

    i am working on a led project but i dont know about led power.
    i have 100 led bulb of 0.5 watt, i want connect all with power which is use at home.
    can u tell me what type of “resister” use in project…?

  • Dan Born

    Great circuit, but what if you’re across the pond and working from 120v instead of 230? What values would change?

  • Richard Knight

    Great practical circuits that easy to understand and construct

  • nikelillo

    when the current goes way down, (zener in inverse polarity) he keeps constant the voltaje between his terminals (2 volts in the picture) and all the current goes through the LED

    if it goes in the other way, zener diode is in direct polarity and all the current goes through him protecting the LED which is in inverse polarity.

    Please, forgive my english…

  • KDS

    what does the zener diode do?



  • arun sharma

    so good

  • usman

    wat is the size of led used in that circuit of 9 v

  • johnny

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