ultrasonic pest repellent circuit schematic

Electronic Pest Repellent Circuit

There are many ultrasonic pest repellent devices available on the market but a major drawback is that their power output is low and their effectiveness suffers. This electronic pest repellent generates powerful ultrasonic signals to repel pests.

In addition to the ultrasonic frequency oscillator built with the CD4047 IC, separate push-pull power amplifier (with 2N3055 or TIP31C) and transformer are used to boost ultrasonic signals. The output of the power amplifier is coupled to a tweeter through output transformer X1, which is wound over ferrite core (UU or CC core).

Primary winding consists of 150 turns of 20 SWG while the secondary winding is 40 turns of 24 SWG wire. Adjust potentiometer VR1 for maximum effectiveness.
This pest repellent circuit has not been tested!

Caution! This is a powerful ultrasonic pest repellent circuit so use it only in outdoor places. Do not use this ultrasonic pest repeller near babies or animal pets.

Electronic Pest Repellent Circuit Diagram

electronic pest repellent circuit schematic


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  • johnny

    Hello everybody,
    Have you something similar but against a anoying rooster?
    Thank you very much

  • Tambari Akpo B.M

    From Tambari Akpo, Thanks alot for your problem-solving circuit. But may I ask, is there any relationship between the ultrasonic wavelength and the power output of the Transducer? Please reply.

  • ebrahim

    good circuit but what about of curent?

  • ceci

    Potrbna mije šema rasterivača ptica. Napajanje po mogućnosti 220/12v ida pokriva prostor min.100m kvadratna imali tako nešto dase uradi. Hvala unapred svima ko mi pošalje šemu sa pratećem uputstvu.

  • tony

    what is the rated in watts of audio transformer to be used and also the speaker?.. thanks

  • tony

    Nice circuit!.. can you give me the how watts of audio transformers to be used?

  • Chris

    Please could you let me know if this is using an ultrasonic transducer to produce the noise. Is the tweeter just a standard one or have you built it yourself? What is the frequency of the output? Many thanks CL

  • shivam

    can u tell me the construction steps and its working principle..

  • johnny

    Hey Guys
    What brings me to your forum is a problem I’m half Mohegan Indian here in Ct . We are having problems with 2 stray dogs constantly on our propery and a stray wolf and bad neighbor with dog that are always on our property my daughter is in danger. I do not wish to put up a fence also no effective police nor health dept.. I wish to aquire or have build a powerful outdoor ultrisonic system , Ive built and fabricated mickey mouse internet sonic systems with no effect. IF this is something someone could build for us. I’am willing to pay upfront for parts and labor and after testing success another dozen units. I can also offer a free stay@ Mohegan sun resort and any free concerts for anyone who is knowledgable to build such a unit.. My family thanks you for anyhelp that you might provide..


  • ultrasonic pest control

    very thank to this circuit and please tell me how about used milli amp.?

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