ultrasonic pest repellent circuit schematic

Electronic Pest Repellent Circuit

There are many ultrasonic pest repellent devices available on the market but a major drawback is that their power output is low and their effectiveness suffers. This electronic pest repellent generates powerful ultrasonic signals to repel pests.

In addition to the ultrasonic frequency oscillator built with the CD4047 IC, separate push-pull power amplifier (with 2N3055 or TIP31C) and transformer are used to boost ultrasonic signals. The output of the power amplifier is coupled to a tweeter through output transformer X1, which is wound over ferrite core (UU or CC core).

Primary winding consists of 150 turns of 20 SWG while the secondary winding is 40 turns of 24 SWG wire. Adjust potentiometer VR1 for maximum effectiveness.
This pest repellent circuit has not been tested!

Caution! This is a powerful ultrasonic pest repellent circuit so use it only in outdoor places. Do not use this ultrasonic pest repeller near babies or animal pets.

Electronic Pest Repellent Circuit Diagram

electronic pest repellent circuit schematic


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  • v1950pseznam-cz

    Ahoj, jsem tu na této stránce po prvé, a protože jsem v prostoru kde se nachází volně pobíhající psy , a hledám něco z čeho se nechají na jistou krátkou dobu odehnat. Tak jsem našel náhodou Vaší stránku a chci se pokusit těmito repelenty je na jistou krátkou dobu zaplašit.Transformátorek pro buzení reproduktorku má 150 závitů 28SWG? ? a 40 TURNS 24 SWG? ? Díky za odpověď.

  • Nandana

    Hi, Could you please specify the details of the Speaker and the Transformer core. Thanks

  • Nikhil

    What is ujt in the circuit and round things with arrow and rectangle blocks

  • Ronald Fonseka

    Dear Sir.
    Your circuit seems great and I am sure it can be used to repell
    Monkeys ( a very common pest in Sri Lanka ).
    I would like to use it with a Piezoelectric Speaker which is the
    only cheap speaker which has a frequency response up to 40 KHz.
    Could you please inform me the primary & secondary turns I should use (including wire size ) and the size & type of Ferrite Core for driving this type of high impedance speaker.
    I would very much appreciate if you could reply by E-Mail.
    Best Regards,
    Ronald Fonseka,
    Sri Lanka.

  • onr

    there is no 5watts tweeter out there, that can give out anything more than 20khz. and there is no ultrasonic transmitter that gives out more than 117db. what did you guys use for a tweeter?what kind of paradox this schematic is?

  • onr

    Primary winding consists of 150 turns of 20 SWG or 28swg? bd139s and tip31Cs get extremely hot, what can be the reason for that? Should i use a regular tweeter or an ultrasonic transceiver?

  • very good

    Thank you very much for this article.
    I request you put into orbit for an animal that is not،That could be Hrtghyyr frequency device, animal away

  • joebob

    I’m a dumbass when it comes to electronics. Can someone build one of these noise makers for me .I will send what u need just tell me when and where.have big problem w/dogs hv been to court no good. Please help

  • gofreelife

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  • mohammad(m-b)

    i am a invertor.
    thank you for this circuit.can we replays or chang the transformer?
    thank you very mach.