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    2n22222N2222 datasheet – 2N2222 is a NPN switching transistor in a TO-18 metal package and his PNP complement is 2N2907A.

    2N2222 datasheet

    • applications: linear amplification and switching
    • features: high current (max. 800 mA), low voltage (max. 40 V)

    2N2222 pin configuration

    2n2222 pin configuration

    2N2222 circuit

    2n2222 switching test

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    8 Responses to "2N2222 Datasheet"


    2. Good information. You can find more 2n2222 datasheets and some cool projects to do with a 2n2222 here: http://datasheetreference.com/2n2222-datasheet.html. Feel free to use the information.

    3. it’s a very good transistor

    4. Is a better transistor to activated relay in a circuits is it true or false plz tell me

    5. 2N2222 is good choice for small relay coil driver–use free wheeling diode across coil to conduct inductive discharge when relay coil power is interrupted.

    6. At least tell me d voltage of relay dat it can activated very fast

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    8. Help. I need schematic of power supply for:

      TV Toshiba
      Model: 42TL515U

      If somebody has one please send me one copy.
      Thanks again.

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