sound voice recorder circuit schematic

Voice, Sound Recorder Circuit

This voice or sound recorder built with ISD1012, ISD1016 and ISD1020 which are produced by ISD and allow sound voice recording and play-back. The last 2 digits show the maximum legth of recording time in seconds. This circuits contains a non-volatile memory which can memorise sound or voice without power supply up to 10 years. The circuit contains a microphone amplifier and a speaker amplifier. We can say it’s a digital voice recorder.

S1 switch is for recording / play-back ( recording in ON position ). When S2 is OFF the IC goes in power down mode. S3 starts the recording or play-back and must be a push-button.
For more voice recorder circuits check the list bellow.

Sound recorder circuit diagram

sound voice recorder circuit schematic


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  • amoutonstergmail-com

    Hi, a friend of mine asked if I could make a device for him that he could use to audibly warn people in an overloaded lift. Would this device work for such a project?

  • jignesh parmar

    hi I want to make a high quality audio recorder circuit which records live programs the length of recording time is infinite plllz help me my mail id

    • techMaster365

      you cannot make it so it records indefinitely with this IC, if you wanted to make it record indefinitely you would need to design a circuit that will automatically switch over to another IC after the first has reached the end of its recording time. then you would have to create a circuit that switches over the ICs during playing to get an almost smooth playback of audio. to get a long recording you would need to have a very large circuit in place that would be not cost effective if it is only used once.

  • AbdulAhad

    How can I record the voice on a memory card using this ic

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    Please let us know time duration & price.

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  • praveen kumar

    I am an engineering student & i wish to make own projects so i want to know about the requirements of components and easy circuit to prepare a voice recorder for my self can u please send me the information about this project to my email id

  • Matityahu

    Hello I would like to is there any way to extension the recording time with this same board.

    What do I have to do to make a board which records for at least 5 minutes.

    I am thinking the concept is the same, however, what do I need to do in order to increase the length of recording time?

    Thank You,


  • Eliot L. Sims

    Can this circuit be reconfigured? to fit into a 3/4″ by 1 3/4″ cylinder with mic and control on one end with speaker on the other end and using a small flat lithium battery?

  • Guru

    Sir,please send me d complete proj details..

  • subeesh

    plz send the circuit diagram& complete details about the voice recoder

  • anusha

    good eveng sir , plz send the circuit diagram& complete details about the voice mouse because i want to implement to implement on voice mail. soooooooo plz sir………..
    plz send as early as possible