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    This voice or sound recorder built with ISD1012, ISD1016 and ISD1020 which are produced by ISD and allow sound voice recording and play-back. The last 2 digits show the maximum legth of recording time in seconds. This circuits contains a non-volatile memory which can memorise sound or voice without power supply up to 10 years. The circuit contains a microphone amplifier and a speaker amplifier. We can say it’s a digital voice recorder.

    S1 switch is for recording / play-back ( recording in ON position ). When S2 is OFF the IC goes in power down mode. S3 starts the recording or play-back and must be a push-button.
    For more voice recorder circuits check the list bellow.

    Sound recorder circuit diagram

    sound voice recorder circuit schematic

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    44 Responses to "Voice, Sound Recorder Circuit"

    1. shahid rafique says: on March 6, 2009 at 2:24 pm

      you have not mentioned the recording time of this circuit &also not displayed the lay out of PCB

    2. can u send the total information to do as mini project…………..

    3. how i can find ur projact ic

    4. Is this IC available in India.

    5. how is multiplexing done

    6. how is multiplexing programmed

    7. i have used it before for my analog project and it works perfect

      • can u send me the component details and where the recording/recorded sound will be stored in mean time of recording

    8. can’t you send me a beautiful circuit that I can build on my own?

    9. i wish to carry out a project that can record human voice.can u asist?

    10. what is there is that, if u have any simple circuit on this project that can be easily explain to student

    11. sir,can you please send me the full details of this project as i want to prepare for my engineering project.
      My mail id- gaur_shailu85@yahoo.com

    12. sir, i need the recorder circuit details so that i can do the mini project , so please send me the details of the project to my mail id sir,, my id s “meetaravindc@gmail.com”,

    13. how do u adjust the recording time of the circuit

    14. sir can u please send me the details of this circuit and the sound recorder,for doing a project on this.

    15. expecting ur reply at the earliest.

    16. kindly tell me the circuit delays…

    17. Sir, this is lovely. I would love to get the detail and make my final project.

    18. can we simulate this on computer?? if yes which simulator?

    19. can we simulate this on computer? if yes which simulator?

    20. Hello Sir I want to one carcits and include voice system,Video System,How to prepare this thing and how many requyar

    21. Tanimola Olawale says: on May 26, 2011 at 10:14 pm

      Kindly send me the complete datasheet of the project, I am interested in reading it and I would like to practice it, thank you.

    22. Is there any simple circuit more than that?

    23. This is superb more strength

    24. ready to purchase can u assit whether avilable in india mumbai

    25. I have done the circuit but its not working,pls can u explain more deeper because i need to do it urgently

    26. Sir/Madam,
      Let me have the complete circuit details to make a mini daily attendance recorder system for 30 members.

    27. Can you send me a schematic that contains a memory stick or sd card to store the voice data?

    28. sir,I need expalanation about overall cct

    29. Could yu give me the info as to where i can find the ic??? please I’m really bored

    30. iam gowtham ihave more circuits

    31. good eveng sir , plz send the circuit diagram& complete details about the voice mouse because i want to implement to implement on voice mail. soooooooo plz sir………..
      plz send as early as possible

    32. plz send the circuit diagram& complete details about the voice recoder

    33. Sir,please send me d complete proj details..

    34. Can this circuit be reconfigured? to fit into a 3/4″ by 1 3/4″ cylinder with mic and control on one end with speaker on the other end and using a small flat lithium battery?

    35. Hello I would like to is there any way to extension the recording time with this same board.

      What do I have to do to make a board which records for at least 5 minutes.

      I am thinking the concept is the same, however, what do I need to do in order to increase the length of recording time?

      Thank You,


    36. praveen kumar says: on May 16, 2015 at 8:02 am

      I am an engineering student & i wish to make own projects so i want to know about the requirements of components and easy circuit to prepare a voice recorder for my self can u please send me the information about this project to my email id

    37. Please let us know time duration & price.

      Need customised message for GANESH CHATURTI & DIWALI

    38. How can I record the voice on a memory card using this ic

    39. hi I want to make a high quality audio recorder circuit which records live programs the length of recording time is infinite plllz help me my mail id

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