veecad stripboard editor

Veroboard Stripboard Software

There are some stripboard (Veroboard) design software available on the internet and and we like to present you some of the best. Stripboard is a widely-used type of electronics prototyping board characterized by a 0.1 inch (2.54 mm) regular (rectangular) grid of holes, with wide parallel strips of copper cladding running in one direction all the way across one side of the board.

Stripboard, Veroboard Design Software

VeeCAD Stripboard Editor – Design your electronic circuits on stripboards. StripBoard Designer makes it easy to break strips, jump wires and place components on stripboards. You can even draw your own components and save them in a library for reuse.

veecad stripboard editor

VeroDes – is an easy-to-use design program for those wishing to design circuits on veroboard, also known as stripboard. With VeroDes you can: create veroboard circuit designs with ease! Board sizes up to 70 holes by 70 tracks can easily be accomodated, view both sides of your circuit; with links, breaks, and component pins clearly marked in either view, print the circuit in a variety of ways and you can create your own components, up to 25 pins by 25 pins.
verodes veroboard software
Stripboard Magic – is a Windows application for designing PCB layouts on stripboard (aka prototyping board). The interface is a quite primitive and a little strange but the program is functional even on Windows XP.
stripboard magic
LochMaster – is a developers tool for strip board projects. It has features like auto-generation of components lists, a connection test, an editable library with a large number of symbols and components. LochMaster displays views of both sides of the board and both sides are editable. All required functions, like wiring, splitting tracks, soldering, placing components, etc. are included and very realistic.
lochmaster stripboard


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