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    This burglar alarm system circuit is using a infrared proximity detector that triggers an alarm when the rays falling on its sensor are interrupted. It is different from others burglar alarm systems because is a very simple diy project and can offer you great satisfaction.

    The circuit of IR burglar alarm system comprises transmitter and receiver-cum-alarm sections. It works off 6V DC, 500mA uninterrupted supply and uses low-cost readily-available electronic components. LED2 is used for indicating power-on. Check out the infrared alarm circuit too.

    Burglar alarm circuit diagram

    burglar alarm system circuit schematic

    The transmitted IR signal directly falls on IR sensor TSOP1738. Whenever the IR signal is interrupted, its output pin 3 goes low and IC2 is triggered at pin 5 through transistor T2. As a result, its output at pin 7 goes low (for a preset time) to forward bias siren-driver transistor T2. This condition is indicated by the glowing of LED1. The time-out period can be increased or decreased by changing the value of capacitor C6.

    The output tone of siren-sound generator IC3 can be set by connecting its pin 6 to either Vcc or GND.
    When you connect pin 6 to Vcc IC3 produces the sound of fire-alarm siren, but when you connect it to GND it produces the sound of ambulance siren.

    Burglar alarm assembly

    Assemble the transmitter and receiver-cum-alarm circuits on two separate general-purpose PCBs and house in suitable cabinets. Mount the units on the opposite sides of the entrance gate such that IR rays from IR LED1 fall directly on the IR receiver module.

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    43 Responses to "Burglar Alarm System Circuit"


    2. this circuits are not clearly visible this components are not clearly visible

    3. shiva sankar sahu says: on September 4, 2009 at 6:30 am

      i am shiva from student of S.M.I.T(ORISSA).i think it is easy project for us……

    4. Hi,
      Its Nice project…….
      I like to know how much distance betweem the transmitter and reciever works properly….

    5. this is the best for new in this fild

    6. i have a better circuit diagram with me ,but it is not working? you try to improve your circuit

    7. Has anyone tested this circuit? Is it really working?

    8. Its awsum..

    9. hello :) , has anyone tried this circuit and is it working? Thnkzz

    10. hi, can anyone give me the list of components please as the diagram is unclear. thank you

    11. can we replace the ic4538 with any other circuit

    12. The project is really good.
      Can you please send me the detailed report along with circuit diagram.


    13. L sandip kumar says: on April 3, 2011 at 11:28 pm

      The project is really good.
      Can you please send me the detailed report along with circuit diagram.


    15. do we have to program these ICs ?

    16. give more information about this

    17. pls my good friends, I’m actually undertaking a project on DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF BURGLAR ALARM SYSTEM for the award of National Diploma. Can someone help me out wit the components and its specifications and any other simpler circuit diagram. Thanks

    18. hello m ec student in 3rd year
      i have mini project of i r sensors n i want simple circuit of opamp n led n ir led….
      do u have such circuit in ur website plz help me wid dat….

      • dnt worry yaar…jst try to findout wats d componentes list here den it will b simple…in which clg u r having dis project ???

    19. Is source separate for both circuits?

    20. i found it easy to biggners thanks

    21. hello ppl plzzzzzzzzzz help me m a student of b.e 2nd year….ws lukin 4 a gud circuit for burglar alarm[mini project]…..n if dis one is working den plz lemme knw hw mch wud it cost 2 build it…..plzz reply a.s.a.p!

      • hey same project i m having here nd i hav to submit it jst aftr diwali so same conditions …bt jst 1 prob in orcad its implementation for simulation purpose is too tuff ….

      • i have the same problem here .
        I sujest u to make a water level automatic on of switch….,

    22. I have successfully completed one of my project on Burglar Alarm. Contact me for advice via emenike_4me@yahoo.co.uk even on the circuit diagrams of both.

    23. What is vr1 is it a pot

    24. i checked this a lot of times tgis circuit didnt work.
      this is a false circuit.
      if u r making fun please stop doing this.

    25. Hi:) i found this is a nice project, can u pls recommend few more about this project n can u pls send the proper circuit diagram to the id given… Thank u:)

    26. lovely project, i need more detail about its functionality and components

    27. please tell me how to make a burglar alarm project.
      please tell me fast its urgent.

    28. Please give total details of the circuit

    29. can anyone tell me the Operation range in feets ???

    30. this circuit is not working,i dont know what happened,but all the connections are correct please help me

    31. This is a wonderful diagram, but range is so short, i try to improve the range using another ir transmitter. The receiver’s range is about 20 Meter, when use long range ir transmitter.

    32. Can you give some more information on LS1 please. Also a link to where I can buy one

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