modulable power supply circuit schematic

AM Modulated Power Supply

A power supply with a modulated voltage output is required for modulation of AM transmitters final stages, Gunn diodes in gigahertz domain. This AM power supply delivers 6V to 8V in repose ( adjustable with P1 ) and between 3V and 10V when it is modulated. Frequency domain is from 200Hz to 30KHz.
Without any load the modulator current consumption is 5mA. If T2 is cooled enough the power supply can deliver 800mA at 6V output voltage.

Amplitude modulated power supply circuit

modulable power supply circuit schematic

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    Interesting I needed this 45 years ago building a tubed transmitter for my trade test but those days we used a very expensive transformer Think of the saving in weight using a power tube in stead of a 50 watt hi fi tranny they were expensive taking easily two months full wages and this cured me from going on with that part of the hobby

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