LM1877 Audio Amplifier Circuit

lm1877LM1877 is a monolithic dual power amplifier designed to deliver 2W/channel continuous into 8 Ω loads. The LM1877 is designed to operate with a low number of external components, and still provide flexibility for use in stereo phonographs, tape recorders and AM-FM stereo receivers, etc.

Each power amplifier is biased from a common internal regulator to provide high power supply rejection, and output Q point centering. The LM1877 is internally compensated for all gains greater than 10.

LM1877 stereo amplifier circuit diagram

lm1877 stereo amp

LM1877 Non-Inverting amplifier using split supply

lm1877 non inverting amp

LM1877 applications

  • Multi-channel audio systems
  • Stereo phonographs
  • Tape recorders and players
  • AM-FM radio receivers
  • Servo amplifiers
  • Intercom systems
  • Automotive products

LM 1877 features

  • 2W/channel
  • −65 dB ripple rejection, output referred
  • −65 dB channel separation, output referred
  • Wide supply range, 6V–24V
  • Very low cross-over distortion
  • Low audio band noise
  • AC short circuit protected
  • Internal thermal shutdown

LM1877 connection diagram and pdf datasheet

lm1877 pins

Download LM1877 pdf datasheet

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