SC-11S1 Marantz Preamplifier

The SC-11S1 Marantz preamplifier is a middle class separate amplifier which came back after an interval of a quarter of a century! These unique models are most aggressive products which we adopted the latest philosophy, technic and technology.

SC-11S1 Marantz features

  • High Channel Separation and Ultra Wide Frequency Response Design
  • Evolved HDMI® SA3 Module
  • Constant Current Feedback Phono Equalizer
  • Balanced Linear Control Volume by Wolfson WM8816
  • Subsonic Filter
  • Bi-Amp Mode
  • Low Impedance Input Buffer Amplifier
  • Balanced Input Type Headphone Amplifier
  • Choke Input System Power Supply Circuit
  • Toroidal Transformer with Aluminum Shield Case
  • Trim Adjustment and Electric Tone Control
  • Marantz F.C.B.S. (Floating Control Bus System) for Multiple link
  • Remote Power Control (Trigger)

Marantz SC-11S1 specifications


  • Main In/Pre Out – / Balanced: 1, Unbalanced: 1
  • Bridge Mono Mode/Bi-Amp Mode – / X (as a monaural control amplifier)
  • Headphone Out 1 (A balanced input current feedback headphone amplifier)
  • Phono Input: MM/MC (Constant Current Feedback Phono EQ Circuit)
  • Analog L&R In: Balanced: 2, Unbalanced: 5
  • Analog L&R Out: Balanced: 0, Unbalanced: 2


  • External control Trigger Out for SM-11S1: 2, F.C.B.S. In/Out: 1/1
  • D-Bus Remote (RC-5) In/Out: 0/0
  • AC Outlets (Switched/Unswitched): 0/0


  • THD Balanced: 0.002%, Unbalanced: 0.003%
  • Input Sensitivity/Impeance PHONO MC: 280µV/100 ohms, MM: 2.9mV/47k ohms, Balanced/Unbalanced: 250mV/20k ohms
  • Frequency Response Balanced/Unbalanced: 5Hz – 120kHz (+/- 3dB)
  • S/N Ratio PHONO MC: 78dB (0.5mV input), MM: 89dB (5mV input), Balanced: 98dB (500mV input), Unbalanced: 99dB (500mV input)
  • Number of Channels 2
  • Power Transformer Large Capacity Toroidal w/Shielded Case
  • Current Feedback Amplifier Current Feedback Amplifier Stage
  • Tone Control Bass (50Hz): +/- 8dB, Treble (20kHz): +/- 8dB
  • Source Direct – (Tone Off equal Source Direct.)


  • Color: Gold
  • Front Panel: 3pces Aluminum
  • Remote Control: Aluminum Top Marantz System Remote Controller
  • Power Requirement: AC 120V 60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 35W (UL60065)
  • Dimensions W x H x D (Inchs): 17-5/16″ x 5″ x 17″
  • Weight (lbs): 35.3

SC-11S1 Marantz photos

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