blw96 rf amplifier circuit schematic

BLW96 RF Amplifier Circuit

blw96BLW96 is a HF/VHF power transistor intended for use in class-A, AB and B operated high power industrial and military transmitting equipment in the h.f. and v.h.f. band.

BLW96 amplifier 450W 50MHz

blw96 rf amplifier circuit schematic

A possible downside of this is that they may not have less gain at 50MHz compared to a VHF transistor but, as can be seen in Figure 1, at least 12 to 14dB of gain can be obtained at 50MHzz (the BLW96 performs well at 70MHz as well incidentally).
To achieve the required output in this design, two BLW96s have been paralleled to provide 450 watts with just a little over 20 watts of drive. The input power is split using a Wilkinson power divider whose design was extensively discussed in SIX NEWS #33, The output of the two amplifiers are combined using the same, only reversed, circuit. Under normal circumstances the 100 ohm resistor connecting the two output (or input) ports does not dissipate very much power, but during tune-up it is possible that it could.

As it is important that these resistors are truly non-inductive, the design uses rather special devices.
These are ‘bolt-down’ 100 Ohm terminating resistors with two flying leads to connect to the circuit board – they look rather like transistors in construction.

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