Electronic Products Review Roundup


If you like the work that T.K. Hareendran has been doing here, you should check out his hands-on review series running on our sister site, Electronic Product. In this series, T.K. explores popular and useful electronics modules, providing a first look at working with them “out of the box” as well as insights into adapting them in interesting ways. Here are some examples of his recent reviews:


Hands-on review: ESP32 offers a powerful IoT-enabled MCU for novices and pros alike — Combining dual-core processing with built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the ESP32 SoC is an IoT developer’s dream.

Hands-on review: getting started with the Intel tinyTILE – Intel’s IoT offerings have come and gone, but the tinyTILE board is still available and offers some interesting features.

Hands-on review: making an open-source soil moisture alarm go full IoT — With the right additions, a cheap soil moisture sensor can become a wireless IoT moisture probe to help automate indoor plant watering.

Hands-on review: Analyze signals with free, open-source sigrok PulseView — Sigrok is an awesome signal analysis software suite that works with a broad range of interfaces and instruments

Hands-on review: Xprotolab Plain, a $20 breadboard oscilloscope — After staring at various cheap oscilloscope modules until I was bleary-eyed, I’ve nailed down the list I would recommend to just a few, and the “Xprotolab Plain” is my top choice at the moment.

While on the site, you can find more in the series by entering “hands-on” in the search box. You might want to check out some of the other articles there, as well.

— Rich Quinnell, editor in chief, Electronic Products


Editor’s Note

For those of you that are not familiar with Rich, he is a really fantastic guy.  Rich was my first editor and is responsible for me not only getting started in writing about electronics, but ensuring that I continued at it.  I am grateful for the mentoring that he gave me over the years, and I encourage you to take a look at his website.

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