Weekly Roundup – Top Links for the 4th Week of September 2017

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There is always something going on in the world of electronics, and it can be easy to miss some of the news that comes out. This is the first of a series of weekly posts in which I will gather interesting links from around the web to share with you. If you happen to come across something interesting or if you are a vendor that would like to share something, please drop me a line.

I’d love to get feedback from readers, so if you have a topic that you would like to see covered more, then please let me know. The better I understand the needs of the audience, the better information I can publish.

Lastly, in the coming weeks, we will post some blogs regarding the upcoming holidays of Deepavali and Halloween. In conjunction with Halloween, we will be doing some cross-posting with the magnificent team at EEWeb, headed by the Magnificent Max Maxfield. Here is his first go at fun Halloween creations.

Links/Projects/Announcements from around the Web

Texas Instruments — Sensorless Brushed Motor Position Detection

Texas Instruments shares a blog post about using sensorless, brushed (yes, you read correctly: brushed, not brushless) motors to be able to accurately determine the position of a device that is being driven. The example here is a seat that can know its position without any encoders.

Digikey and Crowd Supply’s Special Partnership

Digikey and Crowd Supply announced a special partnership this week. Crowd supply is a growing crowdfunding platform that focuses on electronic projects. Under this agreement, select Crowd Supply projects will be distributed through Digikey.

Dremel Announces LC40 Laser Cutter

Dremel has announced the LC40 laser cutter. The laser cutter is a 40-W laser that has a 12 x 20-in. (approx. 300 x 500-mm) cutting area. This device is said to have a safety focus. Toward that end, there are embedded sensors that will shut down the device if an unexpected condition is encountered. The expected release date is early 2018. Pricing has yet to be determined.


Dremel LC40 laser cutter

BeagleBoard Pocket Announced

There is a new BeagleBoard in the house, and this time, it has shrunk. The new board is called the Pocket, and it is built around the new Octavo Systems OSD3358-SM System-in-Package, which measures a mere 21 x 21 mm but houses a TI Sitara, ARM Cortex-A8 AM335x processor, 512 MB of DDR3 memory, TPS65217C PMIC, TL5209 LDO, 4 KB of EEPROM, and all passive components required for the included chips. The Pocket measures 56 x 35 x 5 mm.


The new small form-factor BeagleBone Pocket

LimeSDR Mini Successfully Reaches 100% Funding Level

After their first successful crowdfunding effort, Lime Microsystems has returned with a second effort to bring a small, open-source SRD to the market. The LimeSDR Mini sells for $139 and has both transmit and receive capability. Its frequency range is from 10 MHz to 3.5 GHz with a bandwidth of 30.72 MHz. I personally purchased the non-mini version of the LimeSDR and have really enjoyed it. This week, it reached 100% funding and will proceed to manufacturing after the close of the funding campaign.


Render of the Lime Microsystems LimeSDR Mini

IkaLogic IkaScope Pocket Oscilloscope Preorders to Start Delivery End of September

IkaLogic is in the pre-order phase for their new IkaScope. It is a pocket-sized, wireless oscilloscope that has an analog bandwidth of 30 MHz and a max voltage input of 80 Vpp. This headless unit casts its display wirelessly to a variety of portable devices. It costs €299.00 and will begin shipping at the end of this month. I have been promised a chance to take this little unit for a test drive sometime here in the near future. I will report back with my impressions.


The IkaLogic IkaScope in action

Arduino Announces Two New MKR Form-Factor Boards

Arduino announced this weekend the addition of two new development boards in the MKR form-factor. The MKR WAN1300 and the MKR GSM1400 target IoT connectivity projects. The MKR WAN1300 is based upon the Microchip SAMD21 and the Murata CMWZ1ZZABZ Lo-Ra module. The MKR GSM1400 also features the SAMD21 but includes the u-blox SARAU201 GSM module. The boards will sell for $39 and $69, respectively.


Arduino MKR WAN1300

Arduino MKR GSM1400

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