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    This article describes an compact electret microphone amplifier but you can connect dynamic microphones with low resistance. Electret microphones can be inserted in the same box with the amplifier, it only need 5 to 10V or 9V battery with a current consumption of just 1.5mA.

    Electret microphone amplifier circuit

    electret microphone circuit diagram

    Electret mic amplifier pcb

    electret mic amp pcb

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    8 Responses to "Electret Microphone Amplifier Circuit"

    1. Hello, I have built a fm transmitter by transistor TA7642 but there is a problem with microphone amplifier. Thank you from abdoul halim.

    2. You’re welcome. I hope you’ll find all the desired circuits schematics.

    3. hi, i am building this electronic microphone amplifier and i would to know where i could find the datasheet.

    4. How can I connect a MP3 player line out to Mobile Phone microphone headset?

    5. Hello!
      In what program did you make that scheme? I’m asking you because I use Or.Cad.Schem.atics and I can’t find the electret microphone in their library. If you are interested, I use this part in a circuit for detecting the room noise.
      Best regards!

    6. Dear Sir,
      There is something seriously wrong here! The circuit schematic is of a Mic preamplifier, but the PCB layout is of something else! Could you please explain?

      • ElectroSchematics.com says: on March 30, 2010 at 9:03 am

        Yes you are right, I changed the diagram of the PCB layout, now should be OK. Thanks again.

    7. Hello,
      Can this amplifier be used with electret microphones with only two wires? Thanks !

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