wideband uhf antenna tv amplifier

Wideband UHF Amplifier – Antenna TV Amplifier Circuit

This UHF wideband amplifier(Ultra High Frequency amplifier) has a total gain of 10 to 15 dB in the 400 – 850 MHz domain frequency so it can be used where the tv signal is weak.

For this UHF antenna tv amplifier to work correctly you need to cut the components pins as short as possible. C1, C2, C6, C7 are SMD type ( surface mounted ). This antenna tv amplifier or uhf wideband amplifier need to be build inside of a metal box and then connected close to the tv antenna.

The power supply is a simple 12V stabilized source. The antenna tv amplifier can be connected directly to the power supply thru coaxial cable of the tv antenna but you need a 10 – 100uH coil on the alimentation line. The tv set will be connected to the uhf amplifier thru a small coupling capacitor.
Adjusting is easy, just bring the P1 to the middle and then adjust it untill you obtain the best tv image quality.

Antenna TV amplifier circuit schematic

wideband uhf antenna tv amplifier

Tv antenna UHF amplifier components

L1 = L2 = 2 turns, 3mm Ø
L3 = L4 = 10uH or 10 turns, 0.2mm Ø on ferrite
T = 2SC3358



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