TDA Amplifier Circuits

TDA integrated circuits series are very well apreciated and used in amplifier designs and projects. TDA audio amplifier circuits are produced in generally by Philips and SGS-THOMSON. The most used ICs are TDA2030 and TDA2003 for small audio amplifiers kits and TDA7294 for higher power amplifiers.
In this article we present some representative amplifiers schematics with TDA circuits: car and home audio amplifiers with datasheets below every circuit diagram.

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TDA2003 amplifier circuits

TDA2003 is a cheap amplifier that is designed to run on single rail power supplies (unipolar). It provides a high output current capability (up to 3.5A), very low harmonic and cross-over distortion.

TDA2003 10W car radio audio amplifier
tda2003 amplifier

TDA2003 bridge 18W amplifier

TDA2003 can be used as an BCL (bridge amplifier) and car deliver up to 18W.
tda2003 bridge bcl

TDA2005 amplifier circuits

TDA2005 is a class B dual audio power amplifier specifically designed for car radio applications. Its high current capability (up to 3.5 A) and the ability to drive very low impedance loads (down to 1.6 ohms) makes this circuit a good choice for cheap power booster amplifiers.

TDA2005 stereo amplifier 2x10W
tda2005 stereo

TDA2005 bridge amplifier 20W
tda2005 bridge

TDA2030 amplifier circuits

TDA2030 is a monolithic integrated circuit in Pentawatt package, intended for use as a low frequency class AB amplifier. Typically it provides 14W output power (d = 0.5%) at 14V/4Ω at ± 14V or 28V, the guaranteed output power is 12W on a 4Ω load and 8W on a 8Ω

TDA2030 amplifier circuit 20W
tda2030 diagram

TDA2030 PCB layout
tda2030 cab
tda2030 pcb

TDA2030 Assembly
tda2030 assembly

TDA2030 Bridge amplifier 35W
tda2030 bridge

TDA2050 amplifier circuits

TDA 2050 is a monolithic integrated circuit in Pentawatt package, intended for use as an audio class AB audio amplifier. Thanks to its high power capability the TDA2050 is able to provide up to 35W true rms power into 4 ohm load @ THD = 10%, VS = ±18V, f = 1KHz and up to 32W into 8ohm load@ THD = 10%, VS = ±22V, f = 1KHz. Moreover, the TDA 2050 delivers typically 50W music power into 4 ohm load over 1 sec at VS= 22.5V, f = 1KHz.

TDA2050 amplifier 35W


tda2050 datasheet

TDA7294 amplifier circuits

TDA7294 is a monolithic integrated circuit in Multiwatt15 package, with high output power (up to 100W) intended for use as audio class AB amplifier in Hi-Fi field applications (Home Stereo, self powered loudspeakers, Topclass TV). Thanks to the wide voltage range and to the high out current capability it is able to supply the highest power into both 4W and 8W loads even in presence of poor supply regulation, with high Supply Voltage Rejection.

TDA7294 amplifier 100W
tda7294 amp

TDA7294 PCB layout

TDA7294 Assembly

TDA7294 bridge amplifier 250W
tda7294 bridge


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  • javad shaeri

    i want design 250W class D audio amplifier but i confused some body used Mosfet and some body use Ic like TDA, what different between them?

  • govindaraj

    Tat2030 data sheet PCB full spar delivery9489891378

  • amir

    respected sirs

    i’v ride a 2030 circuit , with 2*7,5v trafo & 2*6800 35v caps.
    good shielding ; twisted wiring ; well designed pcb & star
    grounding but there is some noise like hummmm when i turn
    it on. please guide me to resolve it.
    any help will appreciated. thanks in advanced. amir

  • Shailendra yadav

    i have made tda7294 audio circuit, it is working and producing good quality sound.but this circuit required double rail power supply please send me circuit digram of tda7294 on single rail power supply

    • zhak

      Hi ,the tda7294 requires both rails ,since it need to be biased correctly for differential common mode and quality noise rejection

  • kinot

    Oh damn that is one what i search as long before.
    Tda7294 type,somebody please sell to me.
    With or without boxes just nevermind but ensure it must working.u can set off price.please contact me on angkp06@gm*******

  • amir

    Hi there , tda circuits are cool i think .
    i,v made several of them & had success but this time with 2003 have
    little problem. the music is strong but the voice of singer is in the
    background & fable .power supply with a trafo 12v 3.5A & a cap 6800
    & 4, 5404 ,works good . i change the cap 1000 (near the speaker) by
    a 2200 ,i used a 4558 for preamp & i change it 2 or 3 times but (NO) unresolved problem . any help is highly appreciated .

    thanks in advance .

  • mash

    hi,i wanted to know how a 2.1channel system produce 5000watts using tda2030.The subwoofer box is ported plus sealed.There are two satelite speakers,-12,0,+12 transformer and jrc4558 ic.

  • Ahmed


    Many thanks for the great effort.

    I wanted to know how can I use those VCA designs with an external control voltage? I need to be able to vary the input signal’s amplitude by means of an external 2V –> 8V control voltage.

    Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • Gitika

    Which amplifier will run on 6volt . It should have a memory system and 2 speaker point

  • Saumitra

    What is a longform of tda?

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