Infrared Headphones Receiver Circuit

Use this infrared headphones receiver with the ir headphones transmitter.
Use 600Ω headphones. BPW41N and BP104 have a filter for visible light and are centered on 950nm at 250C.

At normal light illumination and 3 to 4 meters distance the audio distorsion were 1 – 2%, wich is not bad for such a simple ir headphones receiver schematic

IR headphone receiver circuit diagram

infrared headphones receiver circuit schematic


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  • Gururaj KS

    This circuit is working fine. The distance of transceiver was around 2m with bit of distortion.

    When the IR LED was viewed under the cell phone camera, the light was of too low intensity. I viewed the IR LED of our TV under the same cell phone camera. It was quite bright.

    When I pointed the receiver to TV remote, I could hear its sound from a distance of 5 to 6 meters. So to get the sound from this distance can we change 3 Series IR LED into parallel ones with current limiting resistor in series. Please suggest.

  • clartan

    is there any alternative for the photodiode(D1) above?

    cause my transmitter is working fine,
    but my receiver did not receive any signal at all

  • Kaguai George

    Great job,but the schematic diagram of the circuit above is not complete,some parts are not included. Can you re upload the cct diagram.
    Kind regards


    Dear Sir,
    I need INFRARED HEADSETS WITH CONFERENCE facility,If you have such system please send me the details.
    With Regards,

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