TDA1562Q 50W Car Audio Amplifier

One car audio amplifier with TDA1562Q that can output 50W of audio power.

TDA1562Q car amplifier circuit diagram

tda1562q car audio amplifier schematic

2 resistors 1 KOhms
2 resistors 4,7 KOhms
2 resistors 100 KOhms
2 resistors 1 MOhms

4 capacitors 470 nF LCC 63V
4 capacitors 10 µF 63V radiaux
6 capacitors 4 700 µF 25V radiaux
2 capacitors 100 nF LCC
1 capacitor 10.000µF 25V radial

2 x LED
2 x TDA1562Q

2 switches unipolaires
2 heatsink (Rth < 2.5°C/W) (+ pasta termica) For more car amplifiers check the list bellow.

TDA1562q printed circuit board layout




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    Chris hi! This amp is already a bridge and powerful enough for a city bus . This amp already boost the supply voltage to approx 22 volts.
    Another comment “poor old alternator” must feed 4 x 100 watt globes plus 2 times 50 watts and the battery must also be charged and then all the other gadgets you may have in that car!! This is the reason why batteries and alternators do not live as long as they should you are overloading it and this power come from your engine and hence fuel.I have had this on a car in 1972 that the battery had to be charged regularly and did not even outlived its warranty period and the seller and manufacturer denied warranty claims

  • edward tindugan

    this is a owesome site,its use full to avery one elctonic hubies like me, thanks and more power!!!

  • Stefan

    How much power will produce this amplifier if i have 8 ohm speaker?

  • sonu171

    What about the volume,bass&treble control,plz mention the values of the volume controler

  • F.john


  • Chris


    what must I changed for bridged 100W amplifier?

    best regards


  • fernando

    wow i like so much!!!! i’ve been looking for much like this complete, both pictorial and schematic diagram of IC amplifier!!! now i can add this to my preferences!!!!

  • adrian

    nice circuit,….
    any one have FM PLL with ucontroller,like PIC 18F870???


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