Will Robots replace humans?


Just saw an interesting video on youtube (you can watch it below) and made me think about the possibility that one day robots will replace us all. I suggest you first watch the video and afterwards would love to hear your opinion about it.

I talked a lot with my friends about this future, where robots will replace humans and we all be unemployed. Most of them told me that is not possible, but I am quite sure that one day this will be real.

I also want to believe that this will not make people poor, but on the contrary, people will thrive. I imagine a day when a robot will replace 3 human workers, but all of these workers will be represented by this robots, therefore they will receive a certain wage. Why would the companies replace all the human workers with robots if nobody will have money to use the services they provide or consume the products they produce?!

Anyways, I wouldn’t like to be replaced by a robot and become a useless “thing” trying to survive everyday without money. Probably, if that day will come, I would probably like to have a piece of land to ensure my basic needs.

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