microphone amplifier mta02 circuit schematic

Low Noise Microphone Amplifier Circuit

This low noise microphone amplifier is build with MAT02 produced by PMI. This mic amplifier is very performant and has a very low noise level. The amplification can be 20dB or 23.5dB (10x or 15x ) selected by S1.
The output impedance is 70 Ω at 23.5 dB gain and with R3 = 220KΩ the input impedance is 30kΩ .
Distorsions are 0.045%, the noise level is -65dB at 15mV output voltage.

Low noise mic amplifier circuit diagram

microphone amplifier mta02 circuit schematic


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  • C.Mitra

    Hi Mr.Marian,
    Can we replace the dual transistor MAT02 in this circuit with two low noise NPN silicon transistors such as BC549 or 2SC1815? This circuit seems to be very similar to the popular direct coupled pre-amplifier stages used in tape recorders using discrete transistors.

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