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    This simple code lock circuit described here is of an electronic combination lock for daily use. It responds only to the roght sequence of four digits that are keyed in remotely. If a wrong key is touched, it resets the lock. The lock code can be set by connectiong the line wires to the pads A, B, C and D in the figure. For example, if the code is 1756, connect line 1 to A, line 7 to B, line 5 to C, line 6 to D and rest of the lines-2,3,4,8 and 9 to the reset pad as shown by dotted lines in the schematic.

    Schematic of the code lock circuit

    code lock circuit schematic

    The code lock circuit is built around two CD4013 dual-D flip-flop ICs. The clock pins of the four flip-flops are connected to A, B, C and D pads. The correct code sequence for energisation of relay RL1 is realised by clocking points A, B, C and D in that order. The five remaining switches are connected to reset pad which resets all the flip-flops. Touching the key pad switch A/B/C/D briefly pulls the clock input pin high and the state of flip-flop is altered. The Q output pin of each flip-flop is wired to D input pin of the next flip-flop while D pin of the first flip-flop is grounded.

    If correct clocking sequence is followed then low level appears at Q2 output of IC2 which energises the relay through relay driver transistor T1. The reset keys are wired to set pins 6 to 8 of each IC. (Power-on-reset capacitor C1 has been added at EFY during testing as the state of Q output is indeterminate during switching on operation.)

    This simple code lock circuit can be usefully employed in cars so that the car can start only when the correct code sequence is keyed in via the key pad. The code lock design can also be used in various othee application.

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    45 Responses to "Simple Code Lock Circuit"

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      Send me the working .
      I want to knw all abt ths ckt..
      As soon as possible

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      and also the switching sequence please

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    27. plz send me detailed info of the circuit to my mail id.

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    33. Ndayishimiye Yves Rafiki says: on August 26, 2014 at 2:27 pm

      If is possible can you send for me a function of each components in my e-mail?

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    35. Please send me some more info, maybe describe what the components do. Probably a noob question but why are the incorrect code buttons connected to set pins? Wouldn’t that override the clock mode and set all outputs to 1?

    36. Musjay Best project jaaey hai electronic lock ka or other project ka be pata dan…..

    37. kalyani mulawar says: on March 15, 2015 at 4:30 am

      Can you send me PCB layout plz?

    38. Hello!
      I made this project for a class in school. If there is some more documentation of this project I would be realy glad if you could send it to me.
      Thank you!

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